Kursus Manik Kayu 3A

If you follow my post on Kursus Manik Kayu (Wood Badge), you’d notice that there’s no Kursus Manik Kayu 2 right? Well…we had Kursus Manik Kayu 2, but it’s in the form of an assignment. In Kursus Manik Kayu 2, we had to lead a team of Scout and conduct More >

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Sarawak 1st Scout Carnival

I’m so proud to be part of the 1st Sarawak Scout Carnival because it’s the first in Sarawak and 7 of my Scouts received their awards “Rambu Pengakap Muda”, a history created for Serian district.

At first, I only brought the seven, but then, another 11 Scouts requested to join in. More >


Whatsapp Wechat: Are they harmful?

It is undeniable that the two common internet tools; Whatsapp and WeChat have reduce the cost of communication and brought about faster and better decision making. However, these two could also be the possible reasons why there are more family break ups today than before and also profiting vice activities More >


Kursus Manik Kayu 1 (Wood Badge Course 1)

Some of us might have heard about a wood badge in Scouting. I know some teachers had it when they were in the Teachers’ Training Institute but decided to hide it due to the lost of interest in Scouting. On the other hand, I didn’t have the chance to earn More >


2014 Staff Dinner

[My guitar and I]

One of the most anticipated events each year is the staff dinner. But for some, it’s not, with 3 very common reasons: “it’s too expensive”, “it’s boring” and “I better eat somewhere else”. For me, money isn’t an issue, it’s the thought that counts. It’s a time of celebration, More >