Scout Camp in Kpg Tubih Mawang

In February this year, we had a weekend Scout camp in Kpg Tubih Mawang, Tebedu. The camp was very exciting and the place was really wonderful. We had several competitions for the participants to excite them about camping. However, I let my photos do the talking okay?

This is the camp More >


A gift from Lina

I am blessed that I have friends not only here but also in the blog sphere. I would like to thank Lina of linasbackyard.blogspot.com for the wonderful gift, a fridge magnet, I received a few weeks ago. It’s so kind of her. For your information, Lina is an active sport woman> More >


Bringing up leaders ain’t easy

[One of my students, in pink shirt, shared her notes with other Scout members]

Finding and bringing up leaders among students are two difficult things to do. Now it’s my third year leading the Scout team and I still couldn’t find leaders to lead the pack. Among the common excuses I More >


A Ride for the best Prawn Noodles

Our group went to Kampung Gumpey, Gedong last week to try out the famous dish called “Mee Udang“. My brother saw many bikers posted about this on their facebook before, so he decided to bring us there to try it out ourselves. We got lost a bit, but we finally More >


Teaching Family Ties

One of the challenges in teaching is that, getting the students to understand the words you are teaching. The lesson was about “Family ties” which students are expected to know who their family members are, in English of course!. So, as an introduction to the topic, I needed to make More >