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The PT3 Oral Test

In 2014, all form 3 teachers in Malaysia are undertaking an important task after the abolishment of PMR two years ago. They are now appointed as examiners and overseers of PT3 exam in their respective schools. ┬áIt’s not like the usual exams we have in schools, so the stress level More >


The best Cheese: Cheese and Tea, Kuching

There are many eateries in Kuching that offer great food. All you have to do is to drive yourself to them or simply read blogs. Sometimes, I get tired of eating at the same place over and over again. Lucky for me, my wife discovered Cheese n Tea restaurant at More >


Union YES Retreat, Lundu Revisited

This year, during the school holiday, I decided to revisit Union YES Retreat in Lundu. Well…people said “a good business is when you see a comeback“. So Union YES Retreat must be doing very well since many people return to this place for a holiday. In fact, when I was More >


A Gawai Ride to Kpg Annah Rais

p/s: Due to time constraint, this is considered as a very late post.

In June this year, one of the bikers invited us to join a Gawai Open House in Kpg Annah Rais and at the same time, we were requested by the organiser to display our bikes for visitors (pengabang) to More >


RIMUP: Gawai-Raya 2014

[Teachers making ketupat]

Many years ago, a friend of mine once said “Knowledge is everywhere“. For me, it is called “Experience“. Without experience, we may not learn much or be good at something. During the PSK class, we always tell the students to live harmoniously with others and that, they should More >