My First Visit to A KRS Camp

A few months ago, I had the chance to visit a KRS (Kadet Remaja Sekolah) camp in Kota Samarahan. It was my first time visiting them as I’m very much attached to Scouts. My visit was short but I was lucky to see them during theĀ Backwood (jungle cooking) competition because More >


A ride to the gold mining town, Bau.

The name “Bau” is read as “Bauk” by the locals. However, it wasn’t its first name because Bau was known as “Mau San” or “Bukit Mau”. Bau became popular when gold and Antimony were found there. Thus, in the olden days, it was the richest place in Sarawak.

Although the search More >


100 years of Scouting in Sarawak

I was fortunate to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in Sarawak because I know I will not live for another 100 years to celebrate it for the second time. So what did we do to commemorate this event? The photos will tell you.

Waiting for the VIP at Batu Lintang Teachers’ More >


Scout Camp in Kpg Tubih Mawang

In February this year, we had a weekend Scout camp in Kpg Tubih Mawang, Tebedu. The camp was very exciting and the place was really wonderful. We had several competitions for the participants to excite them about camping. However, I let my photos do the talking okay?

This is the camp More >


A gift from Lina

I am blessed that I have friends not only here but also in the blog sphere. I would like to thank Lina of linasbackyard.blogspot.com for the wonderful gift, a fridge magnet, I received a few weeks ago. It’s so kind of her. For your information, Lina is an active sport woman> More >