Adv Zone Kuching, the price you couldn’t beat

Adv Zone is quite popular among Kuching Bikers due to its reasonable price tags on all of its items. We would always see Adv Zone taking part in almost all bike events in Kuching and they always have more visitors than other booths. I myself bought a few items from them such More >


Serian Bikes Festival Promotion

After Kuching International Bike Week in September, bikers’ expectations had been very high on any bike events after that. We were not spared from these sky rocketing expectations as we received inquiries and demands on things we never thought of performing. It’s also not surprising that some were very particular about money More >


The Royale Riders is appointed as the host for Serian Bike Fest

It was unexpected that we are entrusted with a bike programme called “Serian Bike Fest” . Almost everyone was stunned when our President told us about it somewhere in August this year. When he wrote about it on our Whatsapp chat group,  only a few responded promptly to the proposal.

Our president More >


The Royale Riders is finally registered!

There was a saying “Rome was not built in a day” which means, success doesn’t come easy (I think lah!) The same goes to our group, the Royale Riders. I remembered we started off as friends who came from different bikers’ group such as GMC, Bradir, Howling Metal and so on over More >


Ride to Matang, Kuching


Riding in a big group is not only fun and entertaining but it also benefits the riders. The truth is, riding isn’t always a bed of roses. There are bad and hard times. If they don’t fall on you, they fall on your ride mates.  A common problem face More >