Hari Sukan Negara 2015


Here’s one thing for sure, whenever there’s a national celebration or new programmes launched, the spill over effect would surely fall onto schools. Not that I’m complaining but is it necessary? When I first heard about “Hari Sukan Negara” , I thought the government would be doing a grand celebration at More >


Serian Bikes Festival 2015

This is going to be a really long post I’ve ever written and I guess only bikers would love to read about this entry in details. Hahaha!

It was an unexpected turn up for Serian Bikes Festival 2015 on 24th October. Counting the bikes from morning till late evening, the number could More >


The Gurus performing in Serian Bikes Festival

We are pleased to announce that, a local band from Serian lead by Mr Romina will be performing at Serian Bikes Festival. The band called themselves as the Gurus and they can perform different music genres. During weekends, these Bidayuh musicians always perform at local Kuching hotels upon invitation. 

For the More >


Dry Run to Kpg Mongkos

It was still very interesting, although we did a trial run (with our bikes) twice to Kampung Mongkos. The run was done to make us familiar with the routes, checkpoints and road conditions before we could bring other bikers for a Country Ride during Serian Bikes Festival. There were 13 More >


Adv Zone Kuching, the price you couldn’t beat

Adv Zone is quite popular among Kuching Bikers due to its reasonable price tags on all of its items. We would always see Adv Zone taking part in almost all bike events in Kuching and they always have more visitors than other booths. I myself bought a few items from them such More >