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Food for all aspects of life

Every time I hang out with friends, there will always be food on the table and whenever I go for a break, I will drive to a nearby restaurant for food. Now, I wonder what will happen to us if God didn’t create food. Will our life be dull?  Food is no longer a necessity but something that touches every aspect of our life.



Before civilization, people looked for their own food to feed themselves and their families. No one thought of selling any to others. But, as years go by, we began to exchange food to satisfy our curious taste buds and source of lucrative income. Since then, our mind told us that it’s easier to buy food than producing it ourselves and opportunists see its potential as a source of income.  Today, food business is at every metropolis, city, town and village around the globe.



How we prepare food has also changed. From simple cooking with only salt and pepper, to adding variety of ingredients in our cooking. We started to explore new ways of cooking and those lucky ones, go on TV and became celebrity chefs for their artistic cooking. Cooking competitions, TV programmes, trade and expos are some of the activities promoting food as an art.img-20151129-wa0011


Is there any social meeting that doesn’t involve food? Could they be birthdays, weddings, reunions, corporate meetings, seminars, conventions? No matter what event we are involved in, we get connected through food. Food is part of the reasons why people meet each other.  It makes us sit together and start having conversations. Just like a famous saying “Wen you feed someone’s stomach, you open his mouth”.

Just my two cents opinion.


Whatsapp Wechat: Are they harmful?


It is undeniable that the two common internet tools; Whatsapp and WeChat have reduce the cost of communication and brought about faster and better decision making. However, these two could also be the possible reasons why there are more family break ups today than before and also profiting vice activities such as prostitution.

In UK, an article was written about young men preferring to hire prostitutes than having real relationships because they are looking for quick sex and these prostitutes answered their calls. They are easily found on the internet. But most illegal sex operators take advantage of Whatsapp and WeChat to promote their sex workers. For them, they are giving their patrons a personal touch and the operation is safer than promoting it on websites. The best part is, with these applications on smartphones, men can stealthily surf for prostitutes at the comfort of their homes.

Enough said about prostitutions. What about family break ups? I personally have witnessed family break ups due to “disloyalty made possible by Whatsapp”. Many married men and women build up love relationships and fantasies through constant communication with other persons in Whatsapp. Could it be that, the frequency of communicating increases as exchanging messages is free and more attractive in Watsapp? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Oh well, these are just thoughts and the blame is never on the internet tools like them: it’s the human nature. As humans, the choice is always on our hands: either to do good or to submit ourselves to evil.

Sarawak for Sarawakians?

Note: Please take note that I am neutral on this issue and I’m only presenting the two sides of a coin.

It’s getting obvious that once in a while, on the streets of Kuching, we”ll see at least a car with the sticker “Sarawak for Sarawakians” or encounter someone wearing t-shirts printed with it. These people believe that Sarawak should be recognised as a sovereigned country instead of being a state under the flagship of Malaysia. IMG_593232299808

These people, when asked for reasons wearing the t-shirts, claimed that Sarawak has not been given a fair share of its wealth and that many parts of Sarawak are still under developed even after 51 years forming Malaysia. With that in mind, they wanted what was taken from Sarawak, to be given back to Sarawak. Furthermore, they wanted job opportunities in Sarawak to be given only to Sarawakians.


On the other hand, there were Sarawakians who disagreed with this idea. For them, it didn’t matter whether Sarawak is a state or a country because Sarawak has been living peacefully with its counterparts, Sabah and West Malaysia for 51 years in which some other countries couldn’t achieve.  Some of them said Sarawak is not ready to be on its own due to it lack of workforce and that it should practice an open door policy.

A university lecturer, who wish not to be named said, “Sarawak cannot be only for Sarawakians. It needs to invite people from other countries to work and live here. In Singapore, it’s the foreigners who helped the nation to develop. The same goes with many other develop nations today”. 


Some also expressed their concerned that showing off the propaganda “Sarawak for Sarawakiansopenly has detrimental effects to the Malayans and Sabahans residing in Sarawaks due to inter-racial marriage. Reading this propaganda on the streets may instill hatred towards each other which didn’t exist many years ago.

Like i said, these are just the two sides of a coin. May reading opens your mind.