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Cuckoo Icon Water Purifier: Good to have

For years I had been dealing with clean water issue at home. The pipe water that ran into my house sometimes produced unpleasant smell and slightly brownish which, I thought wasn’t fit for consumption. To solve this problem, I drove out to town to look for Reverse Osmosis water dispenser at wee hours just fill a few water bottles with clean water. It wasn’t an interesting experience if you ask me, especially when talking about time efficiency.

Of course, another option was, to boil water at home but then, sometimes, forgetfulness and laziness caused us short of clean water supply on the shelves. There it went again, I had to take up the car key and drove to the nearest shop to buy a few bottles of mineral water. I must say that it wasn’t convenient at all.

So, we looked for an affordable water purifier for months until we came across a Cuckoo promotional booth in Merdeka Plaza. We were attracted with the rental scheme offered by them. With a fixed monthly rental, we get free services and filters as long as we pay the rent.


We rented this model. It dispenses three water conditions: Iced cold, boiling hot and warm


After installing Cuckoo Water Purifier, I no longer worry about boiling water, storing cold water and going out at wee hours to look for clean water. Other than that, I don’t have to worry about its maintenance because everything is taken care by Cuckoo Staff. I managed to take some photos myself when the staff came to change the filters.


There are four water purifiers inside the dispenser.


After 8 months, they’ve changed 3 filters. That means, they’ve kept their promise to change the filters according to the schedule.

Anyway, I’m not promoting this product out of reward, but voluntarily. Good things should go viral right? Let everybody knows the benefits of installing a water purifier at home.

Food for all aspects of life

Every time I hang out with friends, there will always be food on the table and whenever I go for a break, I will drive to a nearby restaurant for food. Now, I wonder what will happen to us if God didn’t create food. Will our life be dull?  Food is no longer a necessity but something that touches every aspect of our life.



Before civilization, people looked for their own food to feed themselves and their families. No one thought of selling any to others. But, as years go by, we began to exchange food to satisfy our curious taste buds and source of lucrative income. Since then, our mind told us that it’s easier to buy food than producing it ourselves and opportunists see its potential as a source of income.  Today, food business is at every metropolis, city, town and village around the globe.



How we prepare food has also changed. From simple cooking with only salt and pepper, to adding variety of ingredients in our cooking. We started to explore new ways of cooking and those lucky ones, go on TV and became celebrity chefs for their artistic cooking. Cooking competitions, TV programmes, trade and expos are some of the activities promoting food as an art.img-20151129-wa0011


Is there any social meeting that doesn’t involve food? Could they be birthdays, weddings, reunions, corporate meetings, seminars, conventions? No matter what event we are involved in, we get connected through food. Food is part of the reasons why people meet each other.  It makes us sit together and start having conversations. Just like a famous saying “Wen you feed someone’s stomach, you open his mouth”.

Just my two cents opinion.


Adv Zone Kuching, the price you couldn’t beat

DSC_0587Adv Zone is quite popular among Kuching Bikers due to its reasonable price tags on all of its items. We would always see Adv Zone taking part in almost all bike events in Kuching and they always have more visitors than other booths. I myself bought a few items from them such as waterproof pouches, lanyard and headscarf. The boss, Abg Mat is a friendly person, he can quote you the best price for all his items in minutes. You’ll be surprised with his quotations, because his is always the lowest from other bike shops in Kuching. If you want to know more, you’ll have to visit his shop in Satok.

Drooling around his goods, I found these…

DSC_0573[Jackets, t-shirts and vest]


[Backpacks and waterproof backpacks]


[Pouches; waterproof and not waterproof]


[Riding boots and hand gloves]




[Tank pads]

Head scarfs

[Pouches and headscarf]

But wait…look! What is Abg Mat doing? I think he’s interested in our Serian Bikes Fest on 24 October 2015. Come one guys! Let’s visit his booth on 24 October and shop with the best price he could offer.