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Hari Sukan Negara 2015

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Hi! Here’s one thing for sure, whenever there’s a national celebration or new programmes launched, the spill over effect would surely fall onto schools. Not that I’m complaining but is it necessary? When I first heard about “Hari Sukan Negara” , … Continue reading

Happy Teachers’ Day 2015

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MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO Looking back at my life as a secondary student more than 20 years ago, I realized that many times, I had misunderstood my teachers’ treatment towards us. Most of the time, I judged them as … Continue reading

The PT3 Oral Test

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In 2014, all form 3 teachers in Malaysia are undertaking an important task after the abolishment of PMR two years ago. They are now appointed as examiners and overseers of PT3 exam in their respective schools.  It’s not like the … Continue reading