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Sarawak Cultural Dances

Last month I went to a cultural show at Sarawak Cultural Village. I loved the costumes, the dances and the ladies. The photos I took were using a Tamron Lens, 17-50mm, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200-350.

[The opening dance/performance]

[The Iban ethnic dance]

[The Bidayuh ethnic dance]

[The Melanau ethnic dance]

[The Melanau ethnic dance]

[The Orang Ulu ethnic group]

[The Malay ethnic dance]

[The open floor dance. Hahaha!]

Why Do Kids Love Water?

Yup, I wonder why do kids love water so much. When we tell our kids that we are going to a swimming pool, they will shout for joy and will keep asking “when are we going there?”, “At what time will we reach the swimming pool” over and over until the fun is over. Here are four of my favourite shots just to share with you guys. Enjoy.

[This 1 year plus boy was excited when he saw the sea water]