My favourite is the outdoor shoot

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The best part about taking wedding photos is the outdoor shoot. I remembered a few years ago (year 2001 and below), it’s expensive to do outdoor shoot because Bridals treated it as exclusive shots.  As a result, many couples took photos in the studio. But today, with competitive market, many Bridals include outdoor shooting in their package.Unlike them, I take wedding photos out of passion and never actually charge for every single thing I have to do. But again, this is because I’m doing photography as a part-time job.

Now here are some of my wedding shots for Greg and Laurie. The shooting was done in Kampung Bunan, Serian. The place was beautiful and it was introduced by the couples themselves.

6 Responses to My favourite is the outdoor shoot

  1. Coffee Girl says:

    beautifulllllll!!! esp the last pic.

  2. norris says:

    outdoor paling best..

  3. Bengbeng says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 from me and Benghui

  4. Nadia says:

    Merry Christmas to you and family 🙂 hihii.. siok bgambar outdoor but have to deal with weather and org2 sekeliling.. malu eh kalu mo bgambr outdoor..haha

  5. willie says:

    CoffeeGirl >Thanks!

    Norris > setuju bro.

    Ibrahim > yeah betul…

    BengBeng > Happy new year to you.

    Nadia > Merry Christmas to you..

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