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Boy, I just came back from our Mulu escape. It was so interesting and adventurous. I guess I will share in details with you guys in case some of you might be interested to go there one day.And the photos I will show to you might be in the form of photobook. So enjoy reading yeah…?

There are three ways to go there, but the fastest is by air either from Kuching (Direct Flight) or from Miri. I would advise you guys to go there by flight. Save your energy for the walks in Mulu, you’ll need all the strengths to enjoy the activities there.

Actually it was my parents who wanted to go to Mulu and not me. But since they are “warga emas” (old in age) I decided to accompany them, in case they need help. Kids below 7 years old are not encouraged to go there because the trip requires physical strength.

Going there by air from Kuching took 1 hour and 35 minutes but if you are flying there from Miri, it will take around 30 minutes. The airport is small but new. Do not expect many food stalls, souvenir shops, ATM machine, money changer, big LCD Tvs and Mcdonald or KFC. However, don’t worry, if you are hungry, there is still a small cafe for visitors to eat at a very interesting price (you know what I mean right?). The check-in process was simple and fast. So you will not be annoyed by the long que of people.

So friends, that’s all for today. Will update you soon once time permits. Have a nice day yeah?

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  1. Casz says:

    Hi bro!

    Tell us more abt the trip as i’m planning to thr somewhere in the futre.

  2. norris says:

    wah….hmmm…mesti best dgn parents…

  3. Coffee Girl says:

    Those are your parents? They look so young! wah. and you’re the spitting image of dad. Potong stim na entry tok. Aku baru nak enjoy baca, tetiba ‘That’s all for today.’ Haha

  4. Cyril Dason says:

    Uhh.. Mulu seems like a nice escape 🙂

  5. Naomi says:

    have ATM at Miri airport

  6. Alice Law says:

    Looking forward for your updates ya!^-^

  7. Alice Law says:

    Btw, I’m not used to your new blog, just wonder how to blowse for the older posts?

  8. Alice Law says:

    Your blog was corrupted?!! That’s the most scary news for in bloggers world! I feel sorry for you…

    Regarding camera and video are not allow, it only refer for the Dark Ride, therefore you didn’t see any photos has been taken during my tunnel ride!

    Oh yes, you shld bring your boy there, don’t worry abt the crowds, you just gonna make it there when it opens at 9:30am. Early bird always spare from crowds! The Q is jst for the ride, becos the capsule thingy moves rather slow… lol! Eventhough it takes 5 passengers at one time!

    Have a joyful day!^-^ Thanks for dropping by my Little sprouts!

  9. odio says:

    ooOoo…camtok duhal rupa Mas Wing. Okeh atleast flightnya besar skit n nampak baru. So nampak safe n promising la if ku nak plan gi Mulu lak hehe..

  10. Wanna what is the best time to visit Mulu? Is June a better time or year end? What abt the flight / journey? Smooth kah?

  11. odio says:

    Willie, salah banner ko ngkah ko ya. That banner is for sapa2 yang dah kenak Pimped. Untuk dapatkan banner sebenar, click on banner kat bottom left of my blog XD

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