Guys! do you remember what kind of injections you guys had? I couldn’t remember mine and I couldn’t recall whether I have the record. But the little brown round scar on my left arm proved that I had taken a very important immunization when I was young. However, I remembered the two paid shots I took; Yellow Fever in 2004 and Hepatitis B in 2009. I guessed as you grow older, you remember things better right? Or maybe because it just an effect of becoming old where maintaining good health becomes a priority. During my younger days, I might had taken many things for granted such as remembering important dates in life and cherishing good memories.

Now,  allow me to ask you a simple question. Do you think that children today are lucky or unlucky? Seeing them getting all sorts of injections nowadays worries me. Does it mean that new viruses are  evolving (which is definitely a negative sign) and diseases are spreading? or does it mean that people are more health-conscious (which is a positive sign)?. I came to know ATT injection or known as Anti Tetanus Toxoid injection only when a medical team from Tebedu Health Clinic came to our school and they said ATT injection provides protection (immunity) against tetanus (lockjaw) in adults and children 7 years or older. If they didn’t come, I guess I won’t know about it till today.  And I really should thank the government for providing it free for secondary school students.

Anyway, whatever free injections or medication given by the government, we all should take them as precautionary measures. Furthermore, not many countries in the world would give medications for free right? Let us think positive about this. Will you?