The best sense is common sense.

Yes. You may be right that common sense is the best. I just don’t understand why some people do not have common sense. I do believe that you too have met such people at least once in your lifetime. You might met them in your office, in shopping malls, government offices, or even on streets. One of the acts showing that people have less or no common sense is this:

[Blocking the path of an escalator. How do you expect people to go through freely?]

7 thoughts on “The best sense is common sense.”

  1. Sense of humour?
    But, yes i hate ppl blocking the way, happens a lot in Boulevard, i try to avoid going there, dont like to rub shoulder with ppl.

  2. Lyvnana > So far, I like going to Boulevard. Hahaha!

    VickyLow > Yup. when we have kids with us too.

    Yvonne > you are right!

    Cyril > Yup. but not too long brother, not too long…

    Peteformation > I wonder what the scene will be if the domino effects takes place.

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