Purchasing a tombstone in Kuching

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Hi just sharing my experience in purchasing a tombstone for my late father-in-law in case some of you might need to do so in future.

My father-in-law passed away four years ago and he’s buried in our village. We didn’t make it a concrete grave for 3 years because we wanted the soil to be hard and stable. When it’s time to do so, we started to look for the tombstone.  In Kuching, the best place to purchase a tombstone is at Kim Shien.

[Kiem Shien Development Sdn Bhd]

But, don’t go into this building because the office is in the building next to it. The office here sells construction materials.

[This is the right building to purchase your tombstone and it’s next to Kim Shien office]

Now, step 1: Choose the tombstone that you would like to purchase. They are displayed outside the office.

[The blank tombstones]

Step 2: After you’ve done your selection, go into the office to make a deal with them. They will ask you to write the information of the deceased and you got to choose the script design too.

Step 3: Give them a photo of the deceased in hard copy and not soft copy. They will send the photo to Singapore and it will take around two weeks to process.

Step 3: Please pay. No hutang.

4 Responses to Purchasing a tombstone in Kuching

  1. vickylow says:

    Oh thanks for sharing. Yes absolutely no hutang on this kind of thing.

  2. Patricku says:

    What’s the normal price pls?

  3. Mr. Phin says:

    I l would like to agent the tombstones, so that i wanna discuss with you. Please contact me as soon as possible on working hour. My hp no. : 0128539189.

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