Why Do Kids Love Water?

Yup, I wonder why do kids love water so much. When we tell our kids that we are going to a swimming pool, they will shout for joy and will keep asking “when are we going there?”, “At what time will we reach the swimming pool” over and over until the fun is over. Here are four of my favourite shots just to share with you guys. Enjoy.

[This 1 year plus boy was excited when he saw the sea water]

17 thoughts on “Why Do Kids Love Water?”

  1. Such precious kids! Where is this place?
    Also, one of my reasons for loving the pool is that I’d like to imagine myself as Ariel, a cartoon character from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

    Other than that, my parents swim, so I’ve been in the pool ever since I was a baby and had swimming classes throughout primary school. I’m 21 and I still love the water! Just wished I have time to go for a swim every once in a while. 🙂


  2. I think naturally, children love to play with water, not just water in the swimming pool but also water from the tap! E.g., my son will insist on helping me to wash the plates and after watching him wash, I can tell he actually wants to play with water, it’s not really about the washing! Also when he takes bath, he likes to play with water by having his toys in the bathroom – pouring here, pouring there! Kids are just kids! 🙂

    P/S: Love your photos because the ‘moments’ are well-captured!

  3. Willie, do write to my email because I found one book on Kate Middleton. Wanna send it to you as a gift. I tried sending one mail to your email (reptoz@rocektmail.com) just now but it got bounced back.

  4. Lyanna- you don’t have time to swim? What’s holding you?

    Hayley- i like water because it’s cold and i like cold weather.

    Lyvnana- yup. Agree with u.

  5. Ahlost – thanks friend.

    Awang – i heard about it and i can’t wait bro.

    Yvonne – hahah! I love water except for sea water.

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