Sarawak Cultural Dances

Last month I went to a cultural show at Sarawak Cultural Village. I loved the costumes, the dances and the ladies. The photos I took were using a Tamron Lens, 17-50mm, Aperture 2.8, ISO 200-350.

[The opening dance/performance]

[The Iban ethnic dance]

[The Bidayuh ethnic dance]

[The Melanau ethnic dance]

[The Melanau ethnic dance]

[The Orang Ulu ethnic group]

[The Malay ethnic dance]

[The open floor dance. Hahaha!]

10 thoughts on “Sarawak Cultural Dances”

  1. nice shots there.. wow.. the last time I went to SCV was when ah, 6 years ago?.. whoah!.. that was ages ago!… thanks for the pics tho, brought back memories. 🙂

  2. Dinang > Wow. that’s was way way too long ago. Come again la. We are Sarawakian what?

    Peteformation > Hahaha! Stick dance? It’s a pole dancing.

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