Teachers: Giving back to the society

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Gee…I just don’t understand why some people were unhappy about the salary revision or salary increment of teachers. The truth is, we only enjoy a slightly higher salary than the rest of the government officers and we lack many benefits by being teachers.

Take for example; although our grade (DG41) is at par with other government staff, we are still treated as low ranking officers. Do you know that 41 grade officers at other government offices enjoy better treatment? Yes. With that grade, they are given their own offices, office drivers, appointed as directors or head of government departments, posted in big cities or towns, treated as VIPs at any government official functions and given the authority to make important decisions. But we, the teachers?

We work in small offices where 20 to 30 staff fighting for the little space we have in a room without basic working facilities such as printers and desktops of our own. We don’t receive respects from our students but hated and cursed by most of them. We drive our own car to schools and that includes our principals who are of higher grades than us. We are not allowed to make important decisions and some of us work in rural areas where there are no roads, clean water and electricity. We work on Saturday, Sunday and at night with no overtime claim. Oh yeah! When we receive a slightly higher salary than the others? Why complain right?

Be rest assured that many of us give back to the Society for what we received. Look at what the teachers have to spend in order to educate our children and your children.

[We buy laptops to type exam papers, notes, memos etc.]

[Subscribe to a broadband service in order to key-in our students’ academic performances. Subscription fees cost us RM816 per year and we are paying with our own salary]

[Buy an LCD projector to enhance our teaching and to help our students learn better]

[Buy our own printer to print students’ worksheet and notes]

[Since the school always run out of Whiteboard Marker pens, we have to buy our own and also the refill. Each pen can be used for 2 weeks. Can you imagine how many marker pen do we have to buy in a year?]

[We have to buy our own red pens to mark our students’ work. And we have to buy them a lot. It’s uncountable!]

[We have to buy a pendrive to store all our school work]

So, please have mercy on us and I hope no more complains on our salary because we give it back to your children.

3 Responses to Teachers: Giving back to the society

  1. Hayley says:

    That pendrive is so cool~~

  2. willie says:

    Ophelia > You are a cikgu too right? So you would understand.

    Hayley > Hahaha! was it the key chain u meant?

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