Whenever I talk about my favourite food with friends, I definitely talk about seafood and the number one dish in my list is none other than the delicious juicy crabs. The problem is, finding a good and cheap seafood restaurant in Kuching is not easy. Even if you find one, the restaurant is usually far from your doorstep and it doesn’t help you cut cost. Ahaks! But again, as long as the food is worth eating, I don’t mind the fuel consumption is slightly higher for that particular day.

Looking at my seafood hunting record, I have shortlisted two best seafood restaurant in Kuching; first is the Teo Seafood, second, is the Beach Seafood Restaurant. Both restaurants are located in Santubong. But, my hunt is not over yet because Kuching is a big city and probably other good seafood restaurants are still outside my radar.

While eating at Teo Seafood Restaurant a few weeks ago, I managed to capture a few pictures of the dishes we ordered. For each picture, I will tell you whether it was an excellent dish or a poor dish. Let’s begin.

[My favourite dish was the curry crabs. The taste was excellent. I was happy that they served us with large crabs]

[The clams were superb! We ordered this dish twice at a time. The clams were fleshy and sand free]

[The fried fish was excellent. Only bones we left when we were done with it]

[This mouth-watering Kangkong Belacan is not a seafood, but it’s a dish that stimulated our appetite that night]

[Last, the sea cucumber soup. The best soup I ever tasted]

So, if you are looking for Teo Seafood, go to this address;  No. 787, Jalan Kampung Buntal 93010 Kuching, Sarawak or call them at Tel: 082-846532. The food there is certified HALAL.