Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

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Whenever I have extra money in my pocket, I usually have to decide on how to best spend them. It’s either for shopping or going for a short vacation. Last month, after receiving my 2012 bonus, I decided to go for a short vacation in Sematan. It’s almost two hours drive from Kuching but worth going. So, we rented four rooms at Palm Beach Resort and each room cost only RM198 including breakfast and dinner for two. That’s really a good deal right?

[The entrance to Palm Beach Resort]

Of course, going there alone would not be fun. I was happy that my brother in-law actually suggested to us to go there together. So, it was around ten of us. This was our first time and seriously, we did a lot of research on Palm Beach Resort through blogs, their official website and our friends. Guess what? the first picture that popped out from the website had captured our hearts. I called it as the power of photogrpahy! If you don’t believe me, check this photo out (from their website)

[Taken from their website. Oh! mind you that this is not a 5-star resort. Please don’t expect a 5-star treatment]

The look of this resort from outside was really impressive. So welcoming and colourful. It’s never quiet there, the car park were full, kids, adults, senior citizens, gangsters look alike, love birds and youths were walking and partying around the resort. We went there on Friday, and yet all the rooms were already occupied. Thank goodness we booked the rooms early.

[The reception cum resort lobby, which looks beautiful]

My brother-in-law did the check-in so, I just went to my room straight away. I was happy with my room although it was simple and lacked several items like a built-in cupboard, a flat TV, Astro channels, a mini fridge, safe box and dressing table. But! they gave us all the basic necessities, which are enough to make our stay comfort such as a water heater, body shampoo, towels, a fat, square, small TV, shelves for our luggage, coffee and tea, hangers, air-conditioner, plastic chairs, and boiler. Anyway, it’s not that we were staying in the rooms for long. Most of our time were spent outside our rooms.

(My room at the longhouse]

For youths or a group tour, I think they would enjoy their stay at the resort because, it provides kayak, bicycles, kites, children playground, BBQ sites, table tennis, and swimming pool for entertainment. As I wasn’t that adventurous, I only walked along the beach and had a swim in the swimming pool. And as usual, did what I do best; taking photos. Here are some of the photos I took;

[The lobby]

[For rent]

[Bicycles for rent]

[The chalets. If you want to stay here, you need to book them very early]

[The lazy wooden chairs. I like….]

[Swimming pool overlooking the South China Sea]

and finally….

[The nice sandy beach]

Well, after reading this, you may want to go there by yourself right? Just browse through their website to get the contact number. Tara! Have a nice day!

9 Responses to Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

  1. Stellaclaire says:

    What a nice place.. Going to visit there someday 😀

  2. Stellaclaire says:

    By the way, nice blog 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    This looks like a nice and relaxing place! I love going to beach, hehe =)

  4. vickylow says:

    A twin room for RM198, very cheap. Nice short getaway you have.

  5. ladyviral says:

    Oooooh… looks like a good place to visit… what is that tape in the pool? Did I see it right? Depth 2.2m and they block the area out?

  6. ztie says:

    so, the house with 4 room cost almost 1k right? Selalu dengar tentang tempat ya tpi sik pernah pergi . Ingin. Maybe one day. Glad u had a good time there 🙂

  7. Yan says:

    Nice resort. I would like to go there for holiday.

  8. willie says:

    Stellaclaire > Please do.

    Hayley > Beaches are my favourite.

    VickyLow > Yup. Reasonable I would say.

    Cynthia > Yes. Very nice indeed.

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