CPD: Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

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A new compulsory course for teachers was introduced in 2013. They call it “Continuous Professional Development” or easily known as CPD. I was selected to attend the course in November 2013 and I had no idea of what it was.

However, during the first session with En. Khuswadi from Unit Latihan, JPN Sarawak, he said the course is one of the requirements for DG44 promotion. And as far as I’m concerned, only those teachers recruited from 2009 onward have to attend the course. Nevertheless, worry not because there’s no exam. Throughout the course, we had lots of presentation and only a few lectures.

Our timetable was like this:

The lessons include : Nilai Profesional, Dasar & Halatuju, Perancangan & Pengajaran and Pengurusan Pembelajaran & Kajian Tindakan.

The lecturers were from Teachers Training Institute, Kuching. Some of them were really entertainers and some were quite serious. Team work and presentation were routines during the course. They asked us to bring laptops but we didn’t even use them.

In our first session that night, we were divided into groups and we were asked to draw a group logo and a yell or a war cry. My group name was “HOPE” and we used the SUPERMAN’s logo. However, on the next day, our group members changed.

Each group presented their logo and war cry  for the duration of 5 minutes.

During the other sessions, we continued doing group work and presentations.

I noticed that most of the course participants were female. Is it possible that we have more female than male teachers in Sarawak?

The lecturer also asked us to draw an object that represents ourselves as teachers. I saw myself as a camp fire. Why? I think I would keep it to myself. Haha!

My team with their respective objects.

We presented our lesson plan and received feedback from our lecturer.

Do you know that we don’t call this as SWOT analysis anymore? Now it’s SWOC analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges)

I did these during the long hours of lectures. I did so in order to avoid sleeping in class. Hahaha!

The best part of this course were:

1. I got to meet old friends from other schools.

2. I received my course certificates. Yippie!

The end…

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  1. Rose says:

    That sound fun irregardless of the presentations and serious team members. Haha. I have a cousin who teaches in Sibu. Both her and her husband are primary school teachers. She told me teachers have many courses to attend even during school holidays. Not to mention the paper works.

  2. Mun says:

    Attending courses is a good way to improve oneself. Good of the school to send you for this course.

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