I just love Camera 360

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I love the application called Camera 360 which I downloaded from the Google Play. One of my favourite is the 1839 effect. Here are some samples of photos that turned to 1839. They are so real…

[This picture was taken at Kuching International Airport]

[This picture was taken in my kampung]

So, I just love it!

19 Responses to I just love Camera 360

  1. lina says:

    Happy playing around with it! 😉

  2. angeline says:

    Hey Hey Hey Happy New Year!

  3. angeline says:

    I thought I’m the only one playing Camera360…hehehe now I got someone same “kaki” with me d.

  4. angeline says:

    I love to use the magic skin and Lomo effect… right now there’s another apps that’s very interesting too. Instamag. Try n see

  5. mun says:

    Why 1839? Couldn’t it be 1840? Black and white photos sure give out that old nostalgic feeling.

  6. Ophelia says:

    I love VSCOCAM. You should give it a try.

  7. Lvynana says:

    Hmmm.. Lum dld gik app tok, slalu juak dgr org make.

  8. Fay says:

    Hello Willie! Happy new year! I hope your long holiday was fun, wishing you a wonderful days for 2014 🙂

  9. Yan says:

    Happy New Year to you,

  10. mindy says:

    Wow these photos look very cool! I love the nostalgic feeling!!
    Happy 2014 to you! I hope you had a good new years!!


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