Teaching Family Ties

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One of the challenges in teaching is that, getting the students to understand the words you are teaching. The lesson was about “Family ties” which students are expected to know who their family members are, in English of course!. So, as an introduction to the topic, I needed to make them understand the concept of “Who’s the oldest and youngest in their family” So, I came out with this 5 minutes activity. By getting the students to participate in the activity, it will definitely gain their attention.

First, I prepared a few cards like “Grandfather, father, eldest sister, elder brother and youngest sister”.

Then, I asked the students to hold the cards. But, they must not stand in front of the class in order.

After that, I asked other students to rearrange their standing positions according to the right order. The oldest on the left and the youngest on the right. This was to test their understanding of each word. Whalla! they did it in less than 2 minutes!

Students were very excited about this activity. For the rest of the time, I asked them to write the names of their grandfathers, fathers, and siblings. The class ended well.

10 Responses to Teaching Family Ties

  1. Fay says:

    This is so creative! I can imagine, the students must be learning happily. How I wished my BI teacher was like you. Kitai my cigu dulu LOL!!

  2. Awang Kassim says:

    Ya lah !! sunggoh creative Cikgu Willie…boleh dikata kan Funlearning sik boring anak murid seronok mereka.

  3. mun says:

    Not only creative but it will also prevent the students from feeling sleepy by moving around.

  4. Jaw Sanggin says:

    Kreatif & menarik. Murid2 nampak enjoy.

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