A Ride for the best Prawn Noodles

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Our group went to Kampung Gumpey, Gedong last week to try out the famous dish called “Mee Udang“. My brother saw many bikers posted about this on their facebook before, so he decided to bring us there to try it out ourselves. We got lost a bit, but we finally found the shop.

We parked our bike in front of the shop and you’ll never miss it because the shop is visible from the road. It’s a wooden white building on the left, if you are coming from Gedong. The owner was kind to assist us on choosing our food. She introduced a few dishes, but we decided to have the famous Mee Udang. The thing was, we had to wait for a little while for them to cook the prawns for us.

Mee Udang is set at 3 different prices, depending on the size of the prawns. You can have them for RM8.00, RM15.00 or RM20.00 per bowl. Each bowl contains 3 prawns. The taste was superb and although they are cooked with curry paste, the taste wasn’t really hot. Very suitable for those who don’t like hot and spicy food. You really should try it.

Me and my elder brother, both are bikers, enjoyed the meal so much. Oh! by the way, it’s better to call them first before going there because the prawns may be out of stock. The number to call is 014-5880270 (Din).

20 Responses to A Ride for the best Prawn Noodles

  1. Awang Kassim says:

    Kadang fikir juga saya,dari mana dia boleh dapat stock banyak.Walau bagai mana pun satu hari nanti saya ke-sana.Thanks sebab ada contact number MrDin.

  2. Jaw Sanggin says:

    Wah … yummy, bikin lapar. Kalau dekat mau juga pegi.

  3. Ophelia says:

    It’s to tempting! Slurp!

  4. ez vina says:

    iskk… mauk juak.

  5. lina says:

    It sure looks delicious.

    A ride and a delicious meal. Nice 🙂

  6. TZ says:

    hmmm… Looks very yummy~
    Hot & Spicy?

  7. mindy says:

    You are your brother look really happy!! I love your bikes (though I have never been on one) and the food looks so delicious!!

  8. mun says:

    The mee udang sure looks tasty from the photos!

  9. Coffee Girl says:

    Wow you went on a ride just to eat that mee udang? Must be one heck of an adventure. Gedong… not that far right? 1hr plus ride from Siburan at least? Will try one day on a roadtrip to elsewhere. Looks nice. Is it better than the Sarikei mee udang?

  10. Fay says:

    I think if I go there, I will only eat the prawns hahaha.. such a big prawns in the noodles. Price seems reasonable too.

  11. LIBL says:

    nampaknya kat penang lagi murah.. Ana Mee Udang Udan kertas 3-4 ekor besar.. rm15 jak..

  12. daxim says:

    Ada sigek gik tempat bro..dekat jak ngn kuching..mun dr airport lebih kurang 15min la..kat kampung stakan melayu.mee udang ngn mee ketam nya terbaek bro.rasa nya terbaek kuah nya pekat..price pun mun nak XXL ya rm20,mun L RM16 S RM10..hehe sapa2 di kch save duit minyak..mun detail nya mok booking ada di fb sidaknya cuba cari mariacatering kuching..nama kedai ya Cili Merah Cafe..selamat mencuba..

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