A gift from Lina

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I am blessed that I have friends not only here but also in the blog sphere. I would like to thank Lina of linasbackyard.blogspot.com for the wonderful gift, a fridge magnet, I received a few weeks ago. It’s so kind of her. For your information, Lina is an active sport woman> Together with her husband, they always participate in almost all marathons organised in Peninsula Malaysia. Her stories are very interesting to read.

Once again…thanks Lina! Love it!

18 Responses to A gift from Lina

  1. lina says:

    alamak… shy only.

    It’s just a small gift.

  2. TZ says:

    Wow~ it’s a nice fridge magnet…

  3. wenn says:

    lovely gift from Lina.

  4. mun says:

    Pretty magnet. Very thoughtful of Lina to send you this,

  5. ez vina says:

    It’s good to have such a wonderful friend.

  6. ahlost says:

    Wooaahh.. nice magnet from Lina.. 😉

  7. mnhl says:

    wow…that’s a very nice gift.

  8. Coffee Girl says:

    That’s sweet of her. 🙂

  9. mindy says:

    that is such an adorable gift! She sounds like a really sweet lady! =)

  10. Hey.. that’s one of the cutest FM I’ve ever seen. Lucky you 🙂

  11. DeeLoner says:

    Always fun to receive gift via snailmail, especially when it is unexpected. So sweet of her. 🙂

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