A ride to the gold mining town, Bau.

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The name “Bau” is read as “Bauk” by the locals. However, it wasn’t its first name because Bau was known as “Mau San” or “Bukit Mau”. Bau became popular when gold and Antimony were found there. Thus, in the olden days, it was the richest place in Sarawak.

Although the search for gold mine and antimony was no longer active in Bau, it still remained as a favourite town for Kuchingnites who are looking for a cave adventure. In Bau, we could explore the Wind Cave and Fairy Cave.

The Wind Cave was named after the constant cool breeze that blows throughout the cavern. There are many swiftlets and bats that dwell within this large cave.

Our bikes parked in front of the Wind Cave entrance.

Meanwhile, the Fairy Cave takes its name from a stalagmite structure at the entrance that is said to resemble a Chinese deity. Inside, you will notice the great contrasts between the light entering the cave and its shadowy darkness, along with hues of brown and grey of the rocks – highlighted by the rich green of the moss. The locals advised us not to enter the cave at late evening for it’s something to do with mystical creatures. Huhu…

Us! in front of the Fairy Cave

After the visit to the cave, we decided to have a drink at a nearby village. We heard that some of the local cafes offers good food and drinks. But too bad, I forgot the name of the village we went to.

Our arrival at the village I mentioned earlier for a drink.

A toast brothers in arm.

Till then, bye bye readers!

6 Responses to A ride to the gold mining town, Bau.

  1. De'Priest says:

    Bro the Village that you try to mention was Pangkalan Tebang…

  2. lina says:

    Oooo I certainly won’t want to offend any mystical creatures! 😉

  3. sepoi bmx says:

    Love to read your article bro. Please222 ~ next time add more pictures of beutiful scenery, the road & the mysterious creatures. LoL hahaha

    *keep up the good work bro..

  4. Coffee Girl says:

    In the second pic, second left is my nephew and second right is my cousin’s wife. 😀

  5. ez vina says:

    Pangkalan Tebang? Nearby? Jauh ya 😉

  6. mun says:

    Wow! Another fun ride!

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