Sarawak for Sarawakians?

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Note: Please take note that I am neutral on this issue and I’m only presenting the two sides of a coin.

It’s getting obvious that once in a while, on the streets of Kuching, we”ll see at least a car with the sticker “Sarawak for Sarawakians” or encounter someone wearing t-shirts printed with it. These people believe that Sarawak should be recognised as a sovereigned country instead of being a state under the flagship of Malaysia. IMG_593232299808

These people, when asked for reasons wearing the t-shirts, claimed that Sarawak has not been given a fair share of its wealth and that many parts of Sarawak are still under developed even after 51 years forming Malaysia. With that in mind, they wanted what was taken from Sarawak, to be given back to Sarawak. Furthermore, they wanted job opportunities in Sarawak to be given only to Sarawakians.


On the other hand, there were Sarawakians who disagreed with this idea. For them, it didn’t matter whether Sarawak is a state or a country because Sarawak has been living peacefully with its counterparts, Sabah and West Malaysia for 51 years in which some other countries couldn’t achieve.  Some of them said Sarawak is not ready to be on its own due to it lack of workforce and that it should practice an open door policy.

A university lecturer, who wish not to be named said, “Sarawak cannot be only for Sarawakians. It needs to invite people from other countries to work and live here. In Singapore, it’s the foreigners who helped the nation to develop. The same goes with many other develop nations today”. 


Some also expressed their concerned that showing off the propaganda “Sarawak for Sarawakiansopenly has detrimental effects to the Malayans and Sabahans residing in Sarawaks due to inter-racial marriage. Reading this propaganda on the streets may instill hatred towards each other which didn’t exist many years ago.

Like i said, these are just the two sides of a coin. May reading opens your mind.


9 Responses to Sarawak for Sarawakians?

  1. lina says:

    Malaysia is built on the basis of outside work forces even before we achieve merdeka and it continues now.

    If that’s the believe, even I don’t have a place in Malaysia as my ancestors came from Indonesia.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Ophelia says:

    We are not ready. Think about defence to safeguard our land before everything else. Nevertheless, Sarawak for Sarawakians to some only means people want what is rightfully theirs, not really about leaving Malaysia.

  3. Coffee Girl says:

    first and foremost, we should all strive for world peace and esp tolerance. to say u want out of malaysia for reasons given is just like a child given in to tantrum.

  4. Rose says:

    We are in a peaceful state with not problem to live in harmony among races.

  5. willie says:

    Lina > Agree with you.

    Ophelia > Some are thinking about living Malaysia. Have you read about people collecting signatures on that?

    CoffeeGirl > Yes. I choose peace.

    Rose > Agree with you.

  6. youknowwho says:

    To Sarawakians,
    As we know, majority of people in Sarawak is now declining the West Malaysia government front. Thus, BN declining produces the idea for them that now Sarawak is a opposition supporters mostly. the reason is financial and education status in Sarawak. I as People of Hornbill ashamed to say I’m a Malaysian(don’t think I’m prejudice or hypocrite). I ashamed because look how Sarawak goes. We are not Federal Constitution governed state, we are not lead by Sarawakian. Peninsular had everything in their hands. if they say British is a colony, look at Malaysia governing Borneo. very disappointing. Look at how Austalia goes, former British colonial land, prospered with their own hands, Australian. I called Malaysia as Peninsular only. Sarawak should have developed rapidly than peninsular if Sarawak is not under peninsular control. This is not what our independence voice want. true, Singaporean is far advanced(because they are Singaporean). kicked by peninsular from Malaysia with nothing, but rises to something. So Sarawakians, think about it.

  7. lalalu says:

    Please sign the pettion for the sake of future generationm of Sabahans and sarawakians! You can even use anonymous and nobody is going to know about it. Dont watse the chance. The petition will be forwarded to UK govt and UN as frst step

  8. Sarawak for sarawakian means we want what is belong to us be given back to us, I dont agree with the uni lecturer said we need “others” or foreigner to develop sarawak, we dont stop foreigner in this matter but we want what is belong to us to be given back to us. Putra jaya has to be fair to us sarawakian in term of development, field of studies, social and what not.

    You take a look of our unimas, how many “malayan” student
    and how many sarawakian student. How about in the federal office? i dont have to answer for that.

    Billion of ringgit worth of natural resources are siphoned by putra jaya how many ringgit are return back to sarawak? We just want fairness, if that putra jaya has a problem about it than we should be serious thinking of out from malaysian federation and form a republic sarawak. No doubt there is gonna be long and lenghty process but if it worth doing by all means.


  9. Lim Hun says:

    Sarawak for Sarawakians has my support! For 52 LONG years, Sarawak has been grossly shortchanged by the Umno-led regime! Sarawakians who understand are calling for FULL AUTONOMY under the MA63 which was the basis for forming Malaysia! Putrajaya/KL has violated and breached MA63 for the last 52 years! Federal claims 95% of our oil revenue for developing Malaya, but gives back a mere 5% peanuts for Sarawak! Isn’t that gross disparity between Malaya and Sarawak? It should have been the other way round ~ Sarawak gets 95% and Federal only 5%!

    Sarawak for Sarawakians is calling for a FAIR SHARE, 1/3 of all revenues collected, being one of three partners that formed Malaysia on 16th September, 1963!

    Whether foreigners are allowed to live and work in Sarawak is not the issue! The issue is the breaching and violating of the rights of Sarawakians under MA63! If Malaya cannot be FAIR, then she should let Sarawak go, like when she sacked Singapore in 1965, because LKY could not agree with UMNO’s terms and conditions, and UMNO couldn’t agree with Singapore’s demands!! Did S’pore die after being sacked by Malaya? A definite and triumphant NO!

    However, Malaya would never dreamt of letting Sarawak go. It would a nightmare to UMNO to let go of Sarawak because Sarawak is one of UMNO’s piggy banks!

    I suggest all those who are ignorant, both young and old (the university lecturer included), be informed and educated about the truth and facts surrounding MA63!

    Sarawakians have the RIGHT to fight for their RIGHTS, failing which they have the right to call for Referendum asap!!!

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