Happy Teachers’ Day 2015

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Looking back at my life as a secondary student more than 20 years ago, I realized that many times, I had misunderstood my teachers’ treatment towards us. Most of the time, I judged them as inconsiderate, boring, bad tempered, unfair, irrational and fussy.DSC_0014

Now, as I stand in their shoes, I slowly began to see teachers as nobles. I remembered when my teachers were making noises about our class cleanliness. We were very upset with their remarks and our frustration mounted when they asked us to clean the classroom for 5 minutes before starting our lessons. We grumbled each day after that. However, to think back on what they did, it was all about teaching us to live a healthy lifestyle, making sure we did not fall sick and to study comfortably in a clean environment.

On top of that, some teachers scolded us several times for not bringing the stationery needed to school and our favourites were ruler, calculator glue and scissors. Without those four, I had difficulties in learning art, geography and mathematics and I couldn’t blend in the class discussion well. No wonder my teachers insisted that I had complete stationery.


My teachers were kind enough to reward us with small gifts when we did well in our homework, sometimes; they kindly lend us their stationery when our friends refused to lend theirs. And the best of all, they tended us when we were sick.

They were ready to lend their ears to our problems. As students, could our problems be bigger than theirs? Still no matter how petty our problems were, they were willing to talk to us.


But I guess I don’t have to tell you how their work is today. I thank them for shaping me into who I am today.

This year, I’m happy to receive gifts from my students during the teachers’ day celebration. What they gave me wasn’t important. It’s their thoughts that count. Thank you all.


[A hand made card from Ashley, 1A. Pls ignore the grammar]

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  1. Ez vina says:

    Best eh dpt bunga. Dalam byk2 cikgu, kamek rasa cikgu tadika paling susah. Rasa ajak la.

    Happy Teacher’s Day.

  2. mun says:

    Happy belated Teacher’s Day! So sweet of Ashley to give you the self made card.

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