Adv Zone Kuching, the price you couldn’t beat

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DSC_0587Adv Zone is quite popular among Kuching Bikers due to its reasonable price tags on all of its items. We would always see Adv Zone taking part in almost all bike events in Kuching and they always have more visitors than other booths. I myself bought a few items from them such as waterproof pouches, lanyard and headscarf. The boss, Abg Mat is a friendly person, he can quote you the best price for all his items in minutes. You’ll be surprised with his quotations, because his is always the lowest from other bike shops in Kuching. If you want to know more, you’ll have to visit his shop in Satok.

Drooling around his goods, I found these…

DSC_0573[Jackets, t-shirts and vest]


[Backpacks and waterproof backpacks]


[Pouches; waterproof and not waterproof]


[Riding boots and hand gloves]




[Tank pads]

Head scarfs

[Pouches and headscarf]

But wait…look! What is Abg Mat doing? I think he’s interested in our Serian Bikes Fest on 24 October 2015. Come one guys! Let’s visit his booth on 24 October and shop with the best price he could offer.


2 Responses to Adv Zone Kuching, the price you couldn’t beat

  1. Rose says:

    Need to wait till my hubby buy his bike and I tell him about this shop. He would drool!!

  2. mun says:

    Ah so he is setting up a booth at your fest. Sure his customers will visit him there.

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