Flood hits Tebedu

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Recently, flood is becoming an annual affair for Sarawak. It scares me when it comes to January each year because, flood always affect my village. I remembered that five to ten years ago, we hardly have flood. Does this mean that our climate has changed? Does it has something to do with the world? Oh gosh!


The flood that caused me skipped work on Monday. The water blocked the way to my office.


My friend’s school in Tebedu got flooded.


Landslide. On the way to my office.


Landslide at my friend’s house.

4 Responses to Flood hits Tebedu

  1. mun says:

    The water looks quite high. Please take good care especially when it is flooded and raining.

  2. Rose says:

    Now it is el nino, hot and hot! And when it rains, it rains like crazy.

  3. willie says:

    Mun- The flood was really bad. Thank god everything was well.

  4. willie says:

    Rose- yes. I was worried that the flood would affect my house.

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