Datin Seri Elly Zalilah’s Birthday

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After our motorcycle club was registered with the Ministry of Sports, we received many invitations to participate in different kind of activities, including the birthday of Datin Seri Elly Zalilah’s. Frankly speaking, I do not know much about her, but she’s the patron of Iron Tigers’ Motorcycle Club Kuching. For her birthday, she invited all members of motorcycle clubs around Kuching to have dinner with her in Riverside Majestic hotel. The attendance was good and the food was superb!


Some of us, taking photos at Datin’s hall of fame.


I was seated next to our club Vice President, Mr Dicky.


And my fellow friends.


Datin’s menu presentation was amazing. She’s also a rider.


Datin invited Zamani, a singer for the SLAM group to sing for her.


And my best friend, Pian (right) sang a song that night.

Thanks Datin for inviting us to your birthday dinner.

2 Responses to Datin Seri Elly Zalilah’s Birthday

  1. mun says:

    Wow! You are so happening to be invited to a Datin’s birthday bash!

  2. Rose says:

    Very nice of Datin to invite you guys. everyone looked so happy and enjoying themselves.

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