Bau Bike Week: The Golden Ride To Adis Buan

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One of the attractions for Bau Bike Week is the golden ride to Adis Buan, which is located at Kampung Segong, Singai Bau. The owner, Mr. Disel Gonyeh built this place by incorporating modern facilities with nature, by using woods and bamboos as parts of the construction materials. Most people come to Adis Buan to enjoy its natural beauty especially the cool and clean river.IMG-20160709-WA0025

Our Golden Ride team leader, Mr Neglen and his members had a sneak peak of this place and they had fallen in love with its beauty. Adis Buan offers complete facilities for group activities such as the barbeque pits, a long house with tanju, strategic picnic sites, changing room and pathway for jungle trekking.






To share the beauty of Adis Buan with other bikers, Mr Neglen decided to talk to the owner to seal a deal and he successfully did it. Other than that, adding flavour and value for money activities Mr Neglen said, BBW bikers will be entertained with music and traditional dances together with mouthwatering food for lunch. Bikers can also take photos or selfies with all the beautiful plants and scenery.





So, why just watch BBW only when you can enjoy all these with only RM90 per head?

Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Register yourself now as a BBW participant.

2 Responses to Bau Bike Week: The Golden Ride To Adis Buan

  1. Ez vina says:

    Adis Buan, bila la saya mok sampai sana.

  2. willie says:

    Bila? Juhlah join kamek urg?

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