Bau Bike Week: Lurvicide X Band

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There’s no doubt that songs, live performances and loud music are things that we called as “The Must Have”  itinerary for any major event such as bike weeks.  And for Bau Bike Week 2016, we are proud to announce that, Luvircide X, will entertain us as guest performers, showcasing their latest songs on the net.


This group was formed in 2009 by 4 young Iban-Bidayuh boys from Serian. Their music genre is mostly dramatic rock and some of their songs are already nailed to Wai.Fm music chart this year. The members of Lurvicide X are, Kenneth (Vocalist), James Peter (Bassist), Caysey (Lead guitarist) and Edailton (Drummer).


They will be performing on Saturday night (27 August 2016) and on Sunday Afternoon (28 August 2016). So, don’t miss the chance to meet them in person.

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