Rumah Asap Dayak Samarahan, Kuching

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Note: The setting of stalls in the pictures may change over time due to the upgrading work at Rumah Asap.


Rumah Asap or “Smoke House” was quite popular in Miri, until recently, Kuchingnites started talking about it in Social Media as if “Santa Claus is coming to town”. The excited locals throng their ways to Rumah Asap as early as 5pm during weekends and be rest assured, you’ll be eating in smoky environment and leave the place with BBQ smell all over you. Oh well, you might consider taking another round of shower after that. hehe.

But, that’s the fun part of it right? Definitely, once you reach there, your eyes will be drooling at all the crispy BBQ pork hanging on the metal bar, displaying their golden juicy meat, well done BBQ catfish, mouthwatering “pansuh”, and all other inner parts that you can think of. Wait! There’s more to Rumah Asap because food lovers can ask for fried food, soup and noodles too. All these at reasonable prizes.


My advice, to all food lovers out there is that, if you wish to eat here, please come early, not because the food will be sold out, but the parking space will be tough to find. It does not provide a proper parking lot except for little spaces to squeeze on next to someone’s house. You really have to find your way to get a parking space and to fight for the roadside parking made for St Stephen congregations.  So far, I never felt disappointed by it because I always arrived there before 6 pm.


Recently, they added a bar called “Route 18” at Rumah Asap. So, it’s indeed a good news for people who love drinking. It could be a nice port for those who wish to hang out with their buddies till late night while enjoying the Dayak cuisine. Nevertheless, it is a good platform for the Dayaks to put their cooking skills to test and bring about new Sarawak entrepreneurs.

Till then, see you in my next blog entry.

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