dsc_0033Sometimes, you just have to be adventurous when common dishes fail to satisfy your lust for something new and nyummy. Although I’ve been to City One Megamall, Kuching for many times, it was only a few months ago that I decided to explore a food outlet called “Master Mi” a Taiwanese brand. My intention was to try out the noodles but when I stood at the counter, I saw other interesting meals.

dsc_0031So, I ordered two cups of Latte Coffee, two pieces of toasted bread and a plate of cheesy potato wedges. I know, you might be thinking those were common dishes too, but they looked so tempting in the photos. Thank goodness, the taste was not disappointing at all. While waiting for my food, I stood wondering and looking for tables and chairs in the outlet until I saw a small staircase leaning on the wall, leading to the upper floor. I didn’t ask the cashier about it but, carried my food tray and confidently walked upstairs.



Having my meal upstairs gave me the sense of privacy. I could focus having a conversation with my family without having to look outside the outlet and there were only a few diners there.


The little room was very cozy and they had magazines to read. I don’t mind sleeping there if given the chance to do so. Hehe. So, hey! maybe you should try eating there too and leave your  feedback here. Till then, bye bye! 

For more info. Visit their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MasterMiSarawak/