1st Bau Bike Week 2016

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This is a late post but it’s never too late to tell a story right? Remember I talked about Bau Bike Week before? Well, this is the write up on the actual event.  Officially, the event kicked off at 8am, but as usual, crowd started to come in by 10 am. We were worried that the response would not be so good but we were wrong. Bikers turned up at the event by batches (according to their respective groups) and the staff at the registration counter were busy welcoming and distributing goodies to them, but some bikers were unhappy with the goodies because the person in charge used plastic bag to keep the goodies and the name tags were not properly printed. Furthermore, they disliked the design of the BBW Tshirts (I reserve my comment on this lah).



 @parking lot


@Registration counter. Serious looking people.


 @modified bikes

On 27 August, the activities were mostly for bikers; arm wrestling, bike show, the best lady biker attire, momento presentation, and live band.  The crowd was not as many as major bike weeks such as Sibu Bike Week (SBW) or Kuching International Bike Week (KiBW) but I think it was satisfactory. However, there were rooms for improvements.


 Datuk Henry Jinep inspecting the modified bikes


 Datuk Henry officiating the event

dsc_0215Datuk Henry Jinep @ Prize Giving Ceremony

On 28 August, we invited auto and RC boat clubs to come over to Bau Bike Week so that they can attract more visitors to the event. While these people were on site, the bikers had their golden ride to Adis Buan. Over there, bikers were entertained by the Kutow martial art performance and treated with mouth-watering food. Too bad, we didn’t have the chance to swim.


@RC Boat Competition


Datuk Henry Jinep leading the convoy to Adis Buan


Arriving @ Adis Buan


Performance by KUTOW


Lunch time


Overall, the event was a good event but it can be better. We are still unsure who will organize the 2nd Bau Bike Week.


Momento presentation

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  1. mun says:

    Sounds like a happening event although you think many areas could be improved upon. I wonder whether are there any such events here.

  2. mun says:

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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