Serian Scout Run 1.0: The actual day

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I have not been running for more than 20 years now. My last run was in 1993, and that’s because I was a school athlete.Frankly speaking, I didn’t have a clear idea on why I signed up for Scout Run 1.0. But this time around, I brought my students along.

I didn’t sleep well the night before the run because I was anxious. So, I won a spot as the earliest participant to reach Serian Mini Stadium. Haha! Looking at the bunch of runners joining the run made me excited.

Meeting my friends at the run, I took photos with them. And of course, during the photo sessions, there’ll be people whom you not know appear suddenly in frame.

Prior to the run, we had Zumba, led by two beautiful women. It worked on me because I sweat a little doing all the moves, not to mention, all those laugh I had for fifteen minutes flexed my face muscles.

Since I didn’t take breakfast that morning, I was grateful with the presence of Ayam Brand crew who served us simple chicken sandwiches. I wanted to eat two but was too tired to do so.

At the starting line, I did selfie with my students once again. We were all excited about the run after being informed that medals would be given after completing the run.

The only thing was, they all left me behind. Hahahaha! I wished I’m still young and fit. Anyway, all of use completed the run and got our medals. It’s time to show off our medals right?

Sorry, the medals were still wrapped in plastic. Finally, before leaving the stadium, we took photos in front of the nicely designed wall of fame. On it, there were names of companies and individuals who supported and sponsored the event. The organiser must be doing very well for this event.

Thumbs up to Serian Scout Council for a very successful run. I hope there will be Serian Scout Run 2.0 next year. Till we meet again…bye!

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  1. mrhanafi says:

    I also not run for a long time ago since i get married..

  2. willie says:

    Hahahaha…i guess we are to busy for a hobby.

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