What is more interesting that Hollywood movie? Is it Sharukh Khan? Is it Playstation 3? Is it Sarawak Laksa? No guys! the marriage of our Chief Minister to a young lady named “Ragad Waleed Alkurdi” who is today named as Puan Seri Ragad Waleed AlKurdi Taib, 28 years old. I have been reading other people’s blog about her and also watched her in TV but I have never thought that I will be meeting her in person. She speaks only English and she does not mind her photo to be taken by bloggers at all.

[Puan Seri Ragad Waleed accompanied his husband to TLS Gala Dinner at BCCK, Kuching]

TheĀ  first time I met her was during the Gala Dinner by TLS. A bunch of Sarawak Bloggers attended the event and of course almost everybody was equipped with their latest DSLR and super power lenses. Well…I was one of them, a Sarawak Bloggers’ member hahaha! When she accompanied her husband, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, I only dared to take photos of her from far away. Much to my surprised, I met her again the next day at BCCK.

[Puan Seri was queuing with other Datins]

As a blogger, I should be daring enough to approach people to talk to them and even to take photos with them. Since I might not have the chance to meet Puan Seri in person in many years to come, so I have decided to take photo with her and also with other bloggers as wonderful memories. So, here’s our photo:

[From left: Me myself, Sherrie Pui and Puan Seri Ragad Waleed]

What a day! and thanks to Tommorow’s Leaders Summit.