Face to Face with Puan Seri Ragad Waleed Alkurdi

What is more interesting that Hollywood movie? Is it Sharukh Khan? Is it Playstation 3? Is it Sarawak Laksa? No guys! the marriage of our Chief Minister to a young lady named “Ragad Waleed Alkurdi” who is today named as Puan Seri Ragad Waleed AlKurdi Taib, 28 years old. I have been reading other people’s blog about her and also watched her in TV but I have never thought that I will be meeting her in person. She speaks only English and she does not mind her photo to be taken by bloggers at all.

[Puan Seri Ragad Waleed accompanied his husband to TLS Gala Dinner at BCCK, Kuching]

TheĀ  first time I met her was during the Gala Dinner by TLS. A bunch of Sarawak Bloggers attended the event and of course almost everybody was equipped with their latest DSLR and super power lenses. Well…I was one of them, a Sarawak Bloggers’ member hahaha! When she accompanied her husband, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, I only dared to take photos of her from far away. Much to my surprised, I met her again the next day at BCCK.

[Puan Seri was queuing with other Datins]

As a blogger, I should be daring enough to approach people to talk to them and even to take photos with them. Since I might not have the chance to meet Puan Seri in person in many years to come, so I have decided to take photo with her and also with other bloggers as wonderful memories. So, here’s our photo:

[From left: Me myself, Sherrie Pui and Puan Seri Ragad Waleed]

What a day! and thanks to Tommorow’s Leaders Summit.

12 thoughts on “Face to Face with Puan Seri Ragad Waleed Alkurdi”

  1. She’s gorgeous. This is a chance of a lifetime, Willie!

    Btw, I’ve heard some no-so-good rumours when that Chief Minister marrying young Ragad. Some people are just jealous, tsk, tsk.

  2. MelEvern > Oh? why didn’t you?

    WanHashim > Hello Prof! I was looking for you that morning.

    MeiTeng > Yup. It was a rare opportunity.

    HayLey > Thanks. She’s pretty.

    Yvonne > There’s always bad stories behind popular people. Right? It’s up to individuals to decide.

    Elisha > I did! Wait for my next post!

    bananaz > No words to describe?

  3. for the 1st time i saw her while attend ramah tamah at swan city this year…..wow,god,she was really pretty…..among world vip wife i think.perut lapar boleh kenyang spj hari after c her face to face

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