Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor or is known as Datuk Amar Rosmah Mansur in Sarawak, is a well-known lady in Malaysia due to her frequent public appearance in national television. When I was attending the TLS as Media for Sarawak Bloggers, I’d get to know her better while listening to her speech and also through the brief introduction by other VIPs. She is currently the advisor and patrons for so many charitable bodies in Malaysia. Being the Prime Minister’s wife, she is outstanding because she is doing something that none of our ex-prime ministers’ wife had done before.While most ex-prime ministers’ wife stayed at home and become the backbones of their husbands, Rosmah Mansor on the other hand, prefer to be at the front line of politics and doing field work for the nation.

[Datuk Amar Rosmah Mansur, arriving at BCCK, Kuching]

Of course, there are people who dislike her for the active involvement with the people “Rakyat”. But being her, she probably knew that her only chance of contributing to the society is while her husband is in power. Think about it. If you have unlimited power, wealth and time…would you want to do something for the nation too?

And since I was given the chance to see her live and meet her in person, so I decided to take photo with her. Thanks to Sherri Pui and Priscilla who took the bold move to start the photo session.

[Sherrie Pui, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor and me]

I must say, I appreciate the time that during her departure, she spent time to talk to us. She did not went back straight home. Her willingness to take photo with us showed that she is a friendly person although her facial expression may be serious.