A Chat with Larry Sng

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On Friday night, Norman arranged a meeting between Larry Sng, an assistant minister, at four points. Nine bloggers attended the session. When I first received the sms from Cyril, I was nervous. Dead nervous because I have never met a minister in person, what more to say, just to have a chat with Larry Sng. I was concerned with how I dressed and the stuff that I should talk to him. But Cyril texted me that it was an informal session and I can wear casual.

We arrived there by nine pm sharp. While waiting to see Larry Sng, I was doing portraiture shots with Sherrie and her sister. Then we were called in at the Buffet restaurant. Everybody in the restaurant was watching us as we walked in to a room to meet Larry Sng. I was a bit embarrassed but I told myself “Ah just get over it!”.

Meeting Larry in person was exciting. I never knew he is a down to earth person. It was just like talking to a friend. He asked us a lot of questions, especially getting to know us individually and also the Sarawak Bloggers org. At the same time, we also took the opportunity to ask him about government’s project and his future as a leader. Since this is not a political interview so, I decided not to reveal in details our conversation. Hahaha!

[Larry Sng and I]

The session ended with a photo session. Everybody was satisfied with the chat.

8 Responses to A Chat with Larry Sng

  1. Alice Law says:

    A young minister asst, a big WOW from me!O_o

  2. Hayley says:

    Hehe, you look like very close to Larry in the last picture, 😀
    I believe it was an unforgettable event!

  3. Dee Loner says:

    lucky you guys!..he’s a simple person with a heart of gold. Saw him couple of times when I was still living in Kapit.

    Love that potraiture photos.! 🙂

  4. Cyril Dason says:

    Willie.. ceh.. macam best friends!!

  5. willie says:

    AliceLaw > you know him?

    Hayley > It was an unforgettable event actually.

    LIBL > Wow too!

    deeLoner > Best kan?

    Cyril > Best friend ma….

  6. Dear sir
    i would like to request YB Larry Sng to see about the Sarawak Swimming Problem and Issue. Please see back after Mr Paul Lim take over the Secretary, the Sarawak Swimming Results was drop.
    YB Larry Sng, please look inside what are really happen on it. You are a kindly and helpful YB.
    Now, Sarawak Swimming was just 1 person say “yes / no “. That is cant long run for the future for the program.
    i need the person who see this, try to ask your friend which those kids are training. it really a lot of issue inside.

  7. willie says:

    Dear friend,
    I understand your concern but I do not work for him nor keep in touch with him often. If you have a facebook, try to contact him there. Thanks.

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