Kuching Waterfront

As I walked along the riverside on 20 March 2010, I came across something that attracted my attention. There were noises, crowd, music, people with gifts, children laughing and cheering. So I decided to check it out, at the amphitheater. I was  surprised to see some familiar faces in the event. Those familiar faces were Sarawak bloggers.So I took the opportunity to snap their photos while they were busy posing for the press photos. So where are they?

[Look to the middle, wearing black t-shirts, with rolled sleeves]

[Close up. Yes! There she is in black. She’s Natasha, a Sarawak Bloggers’ member. Err…but sorry la, although I met her a few times, I still do not know her blog add. Hahahah!]

And I was surprised to see another blogger, whom I have never met until the event. She is Ida…

[Ida is standing on the left. She’s in white t-shirt. Her blog is borneolove.blogspot.com . Hey Ida! If you are reading this, I must say that you have a beautiful smile!]

Oh well, Isn’t it nice to see the authors behind the blogs?

6 thoughts on “Kuching Waterfront”

  1. Yes I agree. It’ll be nice and exciting to meet up bloggers in real person =)

    p/s: Received your lovely gift and blogged about it too! Thanks Willie!

  2. BB > Gerenti best!

    Hayley > Yeah…hope to see more bloggers. Glad you like the gifts.

    Alice Law > Hahaha you need to go to Sarawak if you want to see me. Hahaha!

    Ida > Haha! Of course you didn’t notice me. You were busy that day. Hahaha!

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