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Phang Kong Siew, 18, is a Chinese from Jemukan Ulu, Asajaya. She is not an ordinary person, but rather a beauty with brain. She scored 9A, 1B in her SPM. I had the chance to contact her through Facebook and asked her about her experience at National Service Training Programme (NSTP) which was introduced in Malaysia in December 2003. She was among thousands of NS trainees who was selected to attend the training at Kem Juara Serian.

[Phang Kong Siew]

I posted her a few questions through Facebook and these were her answers.

Willie : How did you know that you were selected for NS?

Phang : I checked through SMS.

Willie : Which NS camp did you go?

Phang : Kem Juara, Serian.

Willie : What did you feel when you received the letter?

Phang : I was scared because I had to be away from my family for a long time.

Willie : How did you feel on the first week of the NS?

Phang : After a few weeks, I started to enjoy the camp when I got used to the life there.

Willie : What’s the best thing about the camp?

Phang : The best ting about the camp is friends and trainers.

Willie : What’s the worst thing about the camp?

Phang : The cleanliness of the food. Trainees often complain that they found hair in the food. Furthermore, we didn’t have time to finish all the outdoor activities and we missed the Wirajaya.

Willie: What have you learned from the camp?

Phang : I learned Marching. We march everyday and we had a marching competition on the last day of the training.

Willie : If you were given a chance, would you like to attend the camp again?

Phang: Yes. I want to do all the activities I missed and the Wirajaya.

I would like to thank Phang for enlightening us with her experience in NS camp.

6 Responses to Phang: National Service

  1. Hayley says:

    You know, when I 1st heard about NS, I was relief, because I wasnt part of it 😛
    But I think NS isnt that bad, at least we able to meet new friends and learn to be independent!

  2. Jean says:

    i was selected for my year’s 3rd batch but i didn’t go cos i’ve already started my course. perhaps they will call me again later. but i am not hoping for it cos if i were given a choice, i would like to go for 1st batch. guess ns is really fun huh. i miss all those then.

    have a nice day! =)

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  3. yvonne says:

    Same as Hayley, I wasn’t into NS and I thought it’s more suitable for boys.

    But later on, I think it’s a good way to train children to be independent and getting mature.

  4. Alice Law says:

    You are such a great teacher, you even took the trouble to interview the NS contender?

    That should be fun and lots of excitement!(NS camp I meant) I wish I can join the fun too, hey i’s never too old to endure in nature with bunch of teenagers right, muahaha!

    Gosh, strain of hairs in food, that’s a big No NO(health and cleanliness wise)! Thanks for sharing, have a great day to you!

  5. odio terbiut says:

    Best daa jak miak kinek tok ada national service kedak ya. Aku skolah zaman dolok neyda merasa kedak ya eh…

  6. willie says:

    Hayley > I’m gald too. Hahahah!

    Jean > Can you actually skipped the training?

    Yvonne > Sometimes, I wish I had the chance to go there too.

    Alice > she’s a good student.

    Odio > Ko mok merasa pok? Hehehe

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