Soalan Objektif Induksi Umum

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When I attended the Induction last week, the situation was tensed. Everybody was rushing to do things and nobody actually had the time to get to know each other. A three-day course was indeed too short for us to mingle around. The stressful look on everybody’s face was obvious. They could not hide it. We were told that observers were coming to judge us, so it created intense pressure to the participants. Each participant had to write their names on a piece of paper and it had to be visible to the observers. Many of us slept late at night, especially on the final night before the exam. Failing induction is not what we want to experience because it will affect our salary increment.

But somehow, we managed to take some photos of ourselves who were struggling to complete an assignment and also studying for the exam.

Anyway, I think I have done well in the exam so does everybody else. We are just crossing our fingers and hopefully everybody would pass. As the topic suggest, I would like to share some of the objectives questions that I have encountered during the exam. I cannot possibly remember the choices of answers, but I do remember the questions a bit. Basically, this time around, we got a lot of question regarding handling secret documents.

Some of them:

1. Sekiranya dokumen kerajaan hilang, ia perlu dimaklumkan kepada pemula dokumen kerana?

2. Mengapakah setiap dokumen rasmi perlu mempunyai nombor rujukan?

3. MBS merupakan belanjawan…

4. Sekiranya seorang melapor diri di tempat bertugas, apakah elaun yang layak dituntut?

5. Apakah proses bagi memeriksa latar belakang pegawai kerajaan?

6. Bagaimanakah pelanggaran keselamatan boleh berlaku?

7. Bagaimana menulis tajuk surat yang baik?

8. Bilakah fail sementara boleh dibuka?

Err…sorry guys, I can only remember those questions. There were 40, so it’s hard to remember all.

5 Responses to Soalan Objektif Induksi Umum

  1. Hayley says:

    Glad that the exam is over. Your memory is good, can remember some of the questions…

  2. chegu carol says:

    wah crash course habis ah…3 days saja. usually induction course takes about 2 weeks to conclude. and yeah, you have good memory…i dont even remember what was asked when i took the exam….but then again, that was like 7 yrs ago…

  3. Alice Law says:

    LOL, thank God you sailed through it! Congratulation!

    Btw, I just received your Bidayuh boy boy this evening, thank you! That’s really sweet of you!

  4. Alice Phua says:

    Wow, the induction course sounds like crash course! This reminds me of one lady colleague of mine who attended one 5-day workshop to do with science and has assignments and exam at the end. She told me too that the 5 days were really suffering for her, every night have to sleep late, studying and doing homework till late at night. The worst part was that she was in her early pregnancy!

  5. willie says:

    Hayley > Yes. I’m glad it’s over.

    CheguCarol > Actually, we had one month preparation. We learned through CD they gave us.

    Alice > Hope you like it.

    AlicePhua > It was crash. hahaha! I suffered too. Uhuhuhu

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