Maxis Broadband

My first broadband was Celcom. At that time, other services like DiGi and Maxis did not offer broadband. I had been paying RM68 (512kbps) and expected the price will go down in future. Also I expected that the speed will increase. Oh well, none of what I mentioned happened. So, I was caught up with what Maxis had to offer. A fee of RM58 for a better speed (1Mbps) and secondly, RM10 savings than Celcom.

So, although I feel sad for leaving Celcom, for the sake of better services, I decided to be a Maxis customer!

7 thoughts on “Maxis Broadband”

  1. haaaaaa… betul, celcom teruk! mine still celcom, cuma sik pasti di synergy garden line 3G maxis ok or not. kena pinjam bband maxis kawan2 utk testing di sia, then i decide utk matikan celcom or not

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