Modified Viva

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Car modification is a never dying hobby among the youngsters, especially those who just have their first cars. They want to feel good, attractive, proud and comfortable when driving. So, as a result, they spend thousands of ringgit on car modification. Recently, in ICATS, I happened to see a nice Viva Modification. Here are some photos of the Viva to share with you guys.

What do you think? Will you modify your cars?

9 Responses to Modified Viva

  1. wenn says:

    i prefer the original!

  2. Chybee says:

    i do not even own a license :p

  3. norris says:

    pakai ori jak kot..ehehe..tapi ku suka putih,,walaupun myvi ku hitam dan aku menyesalinya..ahaha

  4. willie says:

    Wenn > I prefer a little bit of modification such as changin the rims, lowered and tinted glass. Hahah!

    Chybee > No license yet? That’s surprising?

    Norris > Yup. Putih memang cantik walaupun susah mok jaga.

  5. chucky says:

    LAMPU BELAKANG VIVA TU CUN R…cmne nk dapatkan eh.

  6. acapp says:

    kat mne ada jual bumper depan macam tu n berape hrga??

  7. willie says:

    Icats ke?

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