From CSI to NCIS

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Yes! The title said it! I used to be a die hard fan of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) dramas. I would never skipped any episodes. But I do not know why I have lost interest in it. Probably because the series have been too long in TV and I am just looking forward to something new.

NCIS is new for me. When I first watch it, it was kind of boring. But then, after watching it for the second time, I started to like it until today. NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigation Service. It’s almost similar to CSI but the victims they investigate are all naval officers.

My favourite actor in this series is none other than Jehtro Gibbs.

Jethro Gibbs is the leader of NCIS team. He plays a serious character but smart. That’s why I like him very much. Well, what about you? Is there any tv drama you love?

10 Responses to From CSI to NCIS

  1. yvonne says:

    I’m still stuck with CSI. Getting more addicted to it, ever since there is a ‘Ray Langston’ in it, lol!

    Well, the remake of Hawaii Five-O is awesome too…

  2. Coffee Girl says:

    NCIS is kinda like JAG (Judge Advocate General) in the early 2000s also. they dont play it anymore. I still like CSI, very much into Mac Taylor. sigh…

  3. kris says:

    CSI kinda boring bro…always repeat one in Astro..

  4. Alice Law says:

    Tht’s one of my family fave series leh!^^

  5. mnhl says:

    Hubby and I both love CSI (all 3 series). But due to the timing, sometimes I forgo it and rather sleep. hehehe…

  6. willie says:

    Yvonne > like Ray Langston? He was in the movie “The Matrix” right? the Hawai Five O? Yes. I love it too.

    Coffee Girl > The truth is, i prefer Horatio Cane.

    Kris > Ada juak episod baru sebenarnya.

    AliceLaw > Used to be ours. Hahaha!

    aline > Yes?

    mnHl > Ahh…too bad….

  7. ai shiang says:

    We have CIS (Las Vegas, Miami and New York) here. I used to watch CIS (LV) and not much now. I started watching NCIS 4 years ago and still watching it. Now they are showing NCIS: Los Angeles but I don’t like it that much. Not as good as NCIS.

    My other favourites dramas are Dexter and Hawaii Five-0 (the new version starred by Alex O’Laughin and Scott Cann). Do they show these two dramas in Malaysia?

  8. willie says:

    AiShiang > Yes. They do show the latest Hawai Five O. Very nice. All these while I thought the Japanese guy , who was in LOST, could not speak English. But then, he speaks English well in Hawai Five O. Hahaha!

  9. ai shiang says:

    Daniel Dae Kim was born in Korea, but moved to America when he was 2 years old. He definitely speaks English hahaha! I bet he acted well in LOST. He sure fooled audiences that he spoke no English.

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