Kyanime Kuching, 2011

Cosplay (Costume Role-play) one of the most awaited events among the youth today. Cosplay is a pop culture that originated from Japan. As one the fans of Anime Cosplay, Kimberley Lim had initiated an event called “KYANIME” in Kuching.

[The Opening Ceremony : Dr Alexander Kiew Sayok launched open the Kyanime 2011, while Kimberly Lim and Gizmo Gamers manager, Kenneth Lim look on]

Dr Alexander teachers Japanese language in Kuching and he encourage the young people to get to know Japanese culture but to take precautionary measure not to be influenced by its bad cultures.  This year, Kyanime features several games and shows to Kuchingnites at Pullman Hotel from 10 to 12 June 2011.

[Performances by Violin and Yoyo Masters: Nadia and Ryan Han at the opening ceremony]

Children and adults were excited particularly seeing the cosplayers in their unique costumes. Many took the opportunities to take photos with them.

Another attraction from the Kyanime was the Gundam display and audiences were shown on how to assemble a Gundam.

[Fabian, displaying his Gundam collection and demonstrating his skill assembling a Gundam]

11 thoughts on “Kyanime Kuching, 2011”

  1. Met Fabian on Friday and he was busy doing his figurines, and the guys(Fahri em all) came on Saturday. Glad the event was a blast. Thank you Willie for helping. Too bad I had engagements that Saturday. WOuld have loved to come.

  2. Cyril: yeah, you missed it man. The DOTA + CS games were the happening ones upstairs. And both the Gunpla & Touhou booths were the crowd puller for the weekend as well

  3. Hayley > Really? He got the figurines?

    AliceLaw > It was a blast!

    Cyril > Yeah bro. Too bad you wasn’t there.

    Fabian > You’re famous!

    Kris > Ada dtg tek?

    LIBL > Yes I am!

    BB > Cool…..

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