Living in Kuching, Sarawak, I feel weird if I don’t explore the beauty of Kuching. At the outskirt of Kuching, lies a town called “BAU”. The town does not smell, but it’s just a name. In Bau, you can taste the best ABC ever and also visit Wind Cave. Last Saturday, I decided to take my family there.

Unfortunately my son was scared to enter the cave. So, he was left outside the cave with his grandmother. My wife and I went in for a while. The cave was dark. The torchlight we rented from the forestry department was a bit useless; couldn’t really shine brightly.

If you are a nature lover, please come visit Wind Cave to feel the cool breeze and watch the bats. I suggest you go there on weekends, where there will be many people visiting the cave. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in the cave with two or three people. The cave is SPOOKY……..

Fee: RM3.00 adults and RM1.50 for children below 12.