Wind Cave, Bau

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Living in Kuching, Sarawak, I feel weird if I don’t explore the beauty of Kuching. At the outskirt of Kuching, lies a town called “BAU”. The town does not smell, but it’s just a name. In Bau, you can taste the best ABC ever and also visit Wind Cave. Last Saturday, I decided to take my family there.

Unfortunately my son was scared to enter the cave. So, he was left outside the cave with his grandmother. My wife and I went in for a while. The cave was dark. The torchlight we rented from the forestry department was a bit useless; couldn’t really shine brightly.

If you are a nature lover, please come visit Wind Cave to feel the cool breeze and watch the bats. I suggest you go there on weekends, where there will be many people visiting the cave. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in the cave with two or three people. The cave is SPOOKY……..

Fee: RM3.00 adults and RM1.50 for children below 12.

9 Responses to Wind Cave, Bau

  1. Amiey Alen says:

    Wow.. I could see that Wind Cave has changed a lot… 🙂

    Been wanting to go there since the last time I went was during my school years… Wanted to go there last holiday… but tidak kesampaian….~~~

  2. Alice Law says:

    Spooky kar, I like it!! LOL, loves caves and its natural beautiful but sad to say… jst can’t get a proper pic with those dim lighting…>_<

  3. Hayley says:

    I bet it’s very adventurous lo exploring in the dark…. hehehe =)

  4. Jaw says:

    saya pernah pegi sana sekitar 2007, mmg kalau mau masuk mesti lebih 3 org baru x menyeramkan.

  5. Bananaz? says:

    What a smelly town named BAU but with no smell hahaha. Oh spooky eh..that’s the reason you son was brain washed dare not enter. Not supposed to snap pictures inside?

  6. Bananaz? says:

    It should be a nice experience in total darkness like what we did in Gua Temperung, Ipoh when the tour guide asked all to switch off our torchlights in the cave with total was pitch-dark can’t even see our own fingers.

  7. norris says:

    uil…aku penah pegi sia..tapi sikda masuk…hehehe..spooky?..eeeei…sikmau la aku pegi sia..

  8. willie says:

    Amiey >It’s been taken care by the Forestry department. The place is very much beautiful now.

    alice > It was really dark. Unlike Mulu, the cave does not have lights inside.

    Hayley > Yeah…we can make it a haunted cave. Hahaha!

    Jaw > Menyeramkan kan?

    bananaz > Pictures are allowed.

    Norris > Aih? kenak sik masuk? Rugi eh!

  9. Mei Teng says:

    I visited the wind caves in Mulu National Park.

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