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[Jonathan and Lucy from London]

Jonathan and Lucy, hail from London, made the right choice when they decided to visit Malaysia during Ramadhan and invested in Pullman hotel to secure the best return in terms of mind, body and spirit. Not only enjoying the beautiful view of Kuching City, the two had discovered the real taste of Malay and Balinese dishes in Puzzle Restaurant. Being born in London, the two discovered that food is beyond sausages, cakes and pasta. It was a mind-blowing experience for them to discover Beriyani rice, fried noodles, meat cooked with 101 herbs, and an open-air fiery BBQ where the intense heat went deep into the heart of the meat. Not only them, I myself felt lucky to be invited by Pullman hotel to blog about the Ramadhan buffet and experience the delicious dishes and mouth watering dessert.

This year’s special, Pullman had invited two Chefs from Bali, Chef Kadek Janu Wirama and Chef Gusti Made Diartawan, who will cook their delicious Balinese dishes while the guests can actually watch them in action.  Also present during the Ramadhan month, are Ustaz Razalie Bin Haji Huassaini (Pejabat Mufti Negeri Sarawak) and Ustaz Haji Sabang Bin Haji Dondang (Jabatan Agam Islam Sarawak).  They will perform live Azan and the Muslims can join them for Maghrib, Isyak and Tarawih prayers at Pullman Hotel.

[The two chefs from Bali, Indonesia]

After tasting the food, I think RM89++ is a good deal considering that Pullman served wide choices of main course and dessert. And not to mention, my favourite drinks, soya bean and cocktails. The beautiful furniture set up and friendly staff added to the joy of eating there. If i were to rate this Ramadhan Buffet from one to ten? I would give them 8. You might ask why right? For a very simple reason, there’s always a room for improvement. Remember…nobody’s perfect.

If you would like to make reservation, please call 082-222888 or email to Don’t contact us. Okey? Hahaha!

Have a nice day! And to all Muslims out there…Happy Ramadhan.

10 Responses to Review Of Pullman’s Ramadhan Buffet

  1. Very mouth watering but can’t afford such luxury as a student. I’ll give them 10/10 if they came up with students rate. Hahaha.

  2. yvonne says:

    Yummy, and my tummy is rumbling. Many hotels and restaurants are offering buka puasa buffet during this period. We have more options then 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    Yummy! I hope Taiping has more this kinda buka puasa buffet……

  4. lvynana says:

    Simple yet interesting review!
    Tahun ni rasa nya tak nak makan buffet ramadhan di hotel, nak save cost 🙂

  5. Coffee Girl says:

    Wow… those fares look great! i tried the hilton, superb. time to try out Pullman pulak.

  6. Alice Law says:

    Wow, such a privilege to review Pullman’s Ramadhan buffet, here in Putrajaya might costs a lot more for its buffet dinner!^^

  7. willie says:

    Elisha > You will soon. Don’t worry.

    Yvonne > Yup! More food on puasa month.

    Hayley > did u try one?

    Kris > Sodap….

    Ivynana > Saya pun, kalau tak dijemput…tak pergi pun…hahaha!

    CoffeeGirl > Yup. You should try it. Worth paying.

    AliceLaw > More expensive? Gee…maybe the food is a lot?

  8. LIBL says:

    Hye .. willie.. TQ.. Happy Enjoying foods during Ramadhan..

    Frankly, I can only eat 1 pcs of roti canai during breakfast, kurma and a glass of milo. fulll..until morning. Going for a buffet will be my last options.

  9. cutebun says:

    Hungry le… midnight read ur food post is not a good idea =D

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