Kursus Manik Kayu 3A

If you follow my post on Kursus Manik Kayu (Wood Badge), you’d notice that there’s no Kursus Manik Kayu 2 right? Well…we had Kursus Manik Kayu 2, but it’s in the form of an assignment. In Kursus Manik Kayu 2, we had to lead a team of Scout and conduct activities for them for three months, including one camping activity. Then, we had to write a report about it. Failing to do so, will disqualify us for Kursus Manik Kayu 3.

So, since I managed to attend Kursus Manik Kayu (KMK)  3, that means, I passed my KMK 2. Huhu!

Now, what happened in KMK 3A? We attended this course at Sarawak Scout headquarters in Kuching. There’s still a lot of lectures went on and less time camping in the woods. Although, we built a camp using the A tent, we rarely spent our time there. Most of the time, we were in the classroom. We had to cook food ourselves.


We were divided into patrols and these were my patrol members.


There was a session called “Backwood cooking”. We decided to cook chicken in a bamboo. It’s called “ayam pansuh” in Iban.


When I was hungry and there wasn’t enough time to cook proper meals, I had an instant noodle. Hehehe


As I said earlier, we spent most of the time in the classroom. So, we had to wear the Scout uniform all the time.


For the course, we were given several tasks to complete, One was building a model pioneering project. I built a tower.


Two, a “pacang”. Can’t remember how do they call it in English. Sorry.


Three: Knotting


Four: To weave a Gilwel Woggle


Finally, to conduct a Scout flag raising tradition.

All in all, I really enjoyed the lessons and I hope to teach others about Scouting. Till then…have a nice day yeah?

Sarawak 1st Scout Carnival

I’m so proud to be part of the 1st Sarawak Scout Carnival because it’s the first in Sarawak and 7 of my Scouts received their awards “Rambu Pengakap Muda”, a history created for Serian district.

At first, I only brought the seven, but then, another 11 Scouts requested to join in. These 11 Scouts were very supportive of the Scout movement and their friends. For the love of Scout, I didn’t mind supporting them financially. We went there in the afternoon, so we didn’t manage to join the activities. However, we did manage to join the Cultural dance competition and guess what? We WON! 

At the carnival, we really enjoyed buying the souvenirs and we were lucky to meet the Indonesian Scouts. In Indonesia, they are called as “GERAKAN PRAMUKA”. They wear brown shirts. Some of my students grabbed the opportunity to exchange shirts, scarfs and badges. They surely had lots of fun at the carnival.

Although the event lasted only for two days, one night, I already felt tired. Phew! I went home on Saturday and had a good sleep. So, please take a moment to view these pictures.

page 1

Posing in front of MBKS Stadium, where the carnival was.

page 2

Watching my students practising for the Cultural dance competition.

page 3

During the actual competition.

page 4

After the cultural dance competition.

page 5

The next morning, we prepared ourselves for the closing ceremony.

page 6

We visited the Indonesian Scouts and their campsite.

page 7

We waited for the VIP to arrive. Supposedly Tan Sri Dato William Mawan Ak Ikom.

page 8 page 9

My students getting their awards.

page 10

The crowd…1375 participants.

page 11

Our team and my students who received their awards.

page 12

Us…with Sarawak Chief Scout Commissioner.

Alright. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the pictures.

Whatsapp Wechat: Are they harmful?


It is undeniable that the two common internet tools; Whatsapp and WeChat have reduce the cost of communication and brought about faster and better decision making. However, these two could also be the possible reasons why there are more family break ups today than before and also profiting vice activities such as prostitution.

In UK, an article was written about young men preferring to hire prostitutes than having real relationships because they are looking for quick sex and these prostitutes answered their calls. They are easily found on the internet. But most illegal sex operators take advantage of Whatsapp and WeChat to promote their sex workers. For them, they are giving their patrons a personal touch and the operation is safer than promoting it on websites. The best part is, with these applications on smartphones, men can stealthily surf for prostitutes at the comfort of their homes.

Enough said about prostitutions. What about family break ups? I personally have witnessed family break ups due to “disloyalty made possible by Whatsapp”. Many married men and women build up love relationships and fantasies through constant communication with other persons in Whatsapp. Could it be that, the frequency of communicating increases as exchanging messages is free and more attractive in Watsapp? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Oh well, these are just thoughts and the blame is never on the internet tools like them: it’s the human nature. As humans, the choice is always on our hands: either to do good or to submit ourselves to evil.