Happy Teachers’ Day 2015

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Looking back at my life as a secondary student more than 20 years ago, I realized that many times, I had misunderstood my teachers’ treatment towards us. Most of the time, I judged them as inconsiderate, boring, bad tempered, unfair, irrational and fussy.DSC_0014

Now, as I stand in their shoes, I slowly began to see teachers as nobles. I remembered when my teachers were making noises about our class cleanliness. We were very upset with their remarks and our frustration mounted when they asked us to clean the classroom for 5 minutes before starting our lessons. We grumbled each day after that. However, to think back on what they did, it was all about teaching us to live a healthy lifestyle, making sure we did not fall sick and to study comfortably in a clean environment.

On top of that, some teachers scolded us several times for not bringing the stationery needed to school and our favourites were ruler, calculator glue and scissors. Without those four, I had difficulties in learning art, geography and mathematics and I couldn’t blend in the class discussion well. No wonder my teachers insisted that I had complete stationery.


My teachers were kind enough to reward us with small gifts when we did well in our homework, sometimes; they kindly lend us their stationery when our friends refused to lend theirs. And the best of all, they tended us when we were sick.

They were ready to lend their ears to our problems. As students, could our problems be bigger than theirs? Still no matter how petty our problems were, they were willing to talk to us.


But I guess I don’t have to tell you how their work is today. I thank them for shaping me into who I am today.

This year, I’m happy to receive gifts from my students during the teachers’ day celebration. What they gave me wasn’t important. It’s their thoughts that count. Thank you all.


[A hand made card from Ashley, 1A. Pls ignore the grammar]

Sibu Bike Week 2014

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20141205_131702THE DECISION

It was a last minute decision to join Sibu Bike Week event last year. After calculating the cost and checking my schedule, I finally contacted our group admin for hotel booking. I invested in a new bag pack for this trip (it’s a 35 litre Adventure bag) changed the rear tire of my er6f for safety reason. Travelling is never cheap right?


[Pit stop in Betong, due to rain]


On the day itself, I waited for our team to arrive at Serian Shell Station. I met some other bikers waiting there too. One of them was Suffian, a friend whom I got to know a few months back before the trip. Surprisingly, many bikers went down to Sibu for the event. Probably because Sibu is strategically located in Sarawak, where the East and West bikers could easily meet.


[Our bikes, ready for washing]

We felt safe travelling in a big group. However, bad fortunes were upon us. A few bikers travelling from Kuching were involved in road mishaps and one of it was fatal. I was told that a Brunei biker passed away in the mishap. Thankfully, all of our group members arrived Sibu safely. The only thing that I wasn’t happy about was the bad weather. At certain spots, we rode under the rain. Our bikes became ugly and dirty. I think it’s really unnecessary to spend money and sacrifice our time to send our bikes for thorough washing.


[At the exhibition site]


The towkeys in Sibu must be very happy with our present: The hotels, pubs, eateries and massage parlours were fully occupied during the event. Some of us were really looking forward to watch the beauty contest on that day. But some were more interested in shopping for goods. I bought a few things for myself such as t-shirts, a Kawasaki lanyard and some local delicacies.


[Shopping time]


[Beauty pageant contest]

We stayed at Kingwood hotel. Thanks to Jeremy who did the booking early, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a place to stay. Luckily he managed to rent two rooms adjacent to each other. The rooms were beautiful and the snoring at night was marvelous, similar to an orchestra performance in London (that’s what happens when you sleep with bros…hahahaha!)


[At Kingwood hotel]


We didn’t do much during the event. We only parked our bikes at the exhibition site and took some photographs. After that, we went to Wisma Sanyan and had drinking sessions at night. Our activities might seem simple, but we had a good time hanging around with each other like brothers in arm.



[At Wisma Sanyan]

On our way back to Kuching, Liam, was frustrated over his Harley Davidson. The bike gave up on him while he was riding it. We helped him find a Good Samaritan who was willing to transport his Bike to Lachau. This was the second time I helped people loading a huge bike on a 4WD car. Lifting a bike could strain your muscles.



[Liam’s Harley Davidson]


Well, this was a memorable experience for me. All these while, I only rode around my comfort zones, Kuching-Serian-Sri Aman. Never would I thought that, I’d be riding to Sibu. Maybe, next time, I should go further. Miri perhaps?


Kursus Manik Kayu 3b

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I couldn’t wait to complete my Manik Kayu (Wood badge) course as I had always dream of wearing the two beads on my neck. It’s not that I want to show off but, the beads would be the proof that I am a trained leader and qualify me to test my students for Scout badges.

Opportunity came when I received the letter in February. God knew how happy I was to read the content and I was prepared for all possibilities. I made all necessary preparations for the final course including opening a Whatsapp group to discuss camping-related matters with my patrol.

IMG-20150317-WA0048 IMG-20150322-WA0010


We went to the campsite to set up our camp a day earlier after being told that our course schedule would be tight and hectic. Thankfully by doing that, we saved 4 hours from the actual day which we used to build our camp gadgets.  The night before the camp, I packed a few important stuff such as clothes, first Aid Kit, toiletries, knives, saw and stationery.IMG-20150322-WA0018


One thing that I didn’t like about the camp was wearing Scout uniforms almost at all time. Thank goodness I wore t-shirts inside to keep my uniforms clean and fresh.  True enough, the schedule was really tight and we did many assignments. As a result, some of the assignments had to be done during our sleeping time, such as knottings, jungle trekking log and getting the bioadata of our friends. Otherwise, we would fail the course. If I’m not mistaken, I only slept for 4 hours for 3 nights. And I ate very little since we didn’t have time to cook our meals.


Talking about the most tiring activity was the trekking activity. We had to brave the thick jungle and crossed a few rivers, climbed stony hills, walked on the tar sealed and gravels roads also slept in a dusty hall at Kpg Danu. The bottled water I brought was not enough. But luck was on our side, there was a bonded store in the village where we could get our food supply.IMG-20150321-WA0015

The most challenging task was building the watch tower. We had to build a twelve-foot tower at the entrance of the campsite. Unfortunately for us, there were only two people building the tower (the others were mostly bystanders). Of course, Nicholas and Shahmaluddin came to the last minute rescue. But still the result was not perfect. The tower construction drained our energy to the max. The process of building it was too much for two persons: from scouting for bamboos, cutting them, carrying them, measuring and cutting them again, tying them, lifting them to the top of the tower and etc. I wouldn’t want to do it again, unless we have enough manpower.20150319_134559 20150320_104720 IMG-20150322-WA007320150319_19540720150319_184524IMG-20150321-WA0075


I’m glad I’ve completed the course successfully although there were some problems and misunderstanding at Kpg Danu. Now, we are undergoing observations from the District Commissioner and if everything goes well, we will be awarded with two beads by end year in Miri. I’m really looking forward to it.20150318_222640