Penan Settlement : Long Iman

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On our second day at Mulu, our tour guide brought us to a Penan Settlement. To go there, we had to ride a long boat. Thank goodness the engine was so powerful that we arrived there in only 20 minutes. The river was shallow, but our boatman was skillful.  He knew which passage that was safe to use.

I was amazed by the beauty of the settlement. Behind the longhouse, I could see Mount Mulu. I was told that, the park can organise a trip to climb Mount Mulu. It takes 3 nights and 4 days to go there and it costs RM1,500 per person. We could hire a porter if we wanted to. Probably my next trip to Mulu will be to climb the mountain.

There’s nothing much to see there. Don’t expect them to perform a blowpipe show or to wear traditional costume. They are not nomad already. But, you can expect a lot of good souvenirs from there. I bought some and my mom bought some too. Hehehe. Of course, our relatives and close friends were given some of the items we bought.

The government was kind enough to put up information board here. If you are not a Sarawakian, you will appreciate these information. Get to know us lah right? Hehehe.

Okey then, the journey continues in my next entry. Guys! Don’t bring big money here such as RM50. No change la… Have a nice day!

Terry & Suzie

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Finally, the end year is here and I trust that many free lance and full time photographers like Rudy, Abg Syuk, Norris, Krisno and erolnukman, are busy taking wedding photos right now. I have visited a few blogs that posted on wedding photos (but I didn’t leave any comments…shhhhhh!!!) and I am so envious of them because they take beautiful photos. Looking at my own photos, I always feel that I am far behind. I may have a good DSLR, but my editing technique is bad. Oh well, I don’t know…maybe my clients love them.

Recently, my cousin got married and I am happy that they have given me the trust to take their wedding photos. We did not have time to do outdoor shoot because it was raining heavily, so I just took the wedding event. I am happy that my big brother was there too to take photos with me. We learned from each other a lot that night.

We did these shots inside my cousin’s house. Although the space was limited, I’m glad we have the thing called “Photoshop”. Hahaha! Anyway, congrats to my cousin. Your photobook is ready! I hope you like it.

The Devil Superimpose

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I always wonder, when people create a group, they always wanted to be associated with evil. So they come out with names like “Black Sabbath”, “Morbid Angel” etc. Now, probably it is no surprise that these singers chose that names since they sing devil-related songs. But how about infamous and ordinary people like you and me? Look around us, they wear t-shirt related to devilish act like “I’m a PornStar”, “Marijuana is my life”, “LifeSucks!” and when I visit an autoshow, I see people modified their cars into devilish look, and they put devilish stickers on the cars. Anyway, should we be proud of evil?

Inspired by En. Odio in his blog entitled “”, I came to think about superimpose. At first, I did not understand why Odio call his blog “Terbiut”. But at last, I relaised, “terbiut” is related to “Comedy“. So he did a lot of cut and paste in his photos. But then, bravo to him for he is making money with his talent of superimpose.

I am not good at superimpose, but this is what I had done for a group of youngsters who wanted to be associated with “devils” atlhough, in reality, they are good people who actually performed for our school. So I did a superimpose to their photo. Here it is:

What do you think of my superimpose? Hahaha! Just learning on how to cut and paste… All the gurus out there, help me yeah?