What’s Your Excuse?

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I wrote a news to the Borneo Post but it was not published. So, I decided to publish it here, in my blog.

The Director of Education, Sarawak Tuan Haji Mortadza Bin Haji Alop visited SMK Sadong Hilir on the 11 November 2010 by invitation from the school in conjunction with the “School Award Giving Ceremony” at SMK Sadong Hilir. The award giving ceremony was held to acknowledge the achievement of students in terms of academic and co-curriculum. Other than that, a special award by the principal himself, Tuan Haji Abang Ismawi Bin Abang Muhi, was also presented to the best motivating and supportive parents and teachers.
According to Tuan Haji Mortadza, many students today are putting entertainment ahead of education. Even a week before SPM starts, they are seen around towns lofting and organise party here and there. Parents should take their children’s education seriously. The different level of education between parents and children, especially in rural areas should not become an excuse for them not to help their children to excel in their studies. But they can support their children by being with them during their study time.

He also gave an example of a successful “kampung boy” by the name of Idris Jala, a Kelabit from rural Bario who can turn out to be a successful man and a leader in Malaysia’s Economy. He took him as an example since SMK Sadong Hilir is a school located at rural area.

Tuan Haji Mortadza also encourage students who will finish their studies at the secondary school to explore job opportunities outside Sarawak. By doing this, he believes, students will gain more knowledge and could be bringing a lot of money home to upgrade their family standard of living. He said, today many Ibans are living in Johore to work in Singapore and offshore and that the government of Johore had acknowledged  them as one of the ethnic groups in Johore.

The event was grand and two students were chosen as “The Students of Hope” for SPM and PMR next year,¬† namely Chung Ming Hung (form 4) and Fatimatul Zaharah (Form 2).

Eating at Royal Mulu Resort

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Hi there,

I know many of you are interested about the place called “Mulu”. Please be patient, I will tell everything in detail, until you guys get bored. Hahaha! Kindly forgive me for my silliness.

The food in Mulu is ridiculously expensive. However, we can’t blame them for that because they are in a remote area where transportation is difficult and expensive. Take for example, in Mulu restaurant, a bottle of mineral water cost RM8.00 and the juices cost RM12 per glass. If you buy from the shops there, a bottle of mineral water is RM4.00 and a junk food cost from RM6.00 and above.

To save cost, we bought plenty of food and drinks from Kuching. And since eating proper meal was not easy in Mulu, we pre-book our meals with our travel agent. The price was included in our package : dinner and breakfast.

Basically, when going to Mulu, we had to be willing to spend more. Eating at Mulu restaurant was worth it. They served us variety of food ranging from local to western delicacies. It was worth paying for their buffet because the food was excellent.

But unfortunately,we still had to pay for the drinks although we had paid for the buffet earlier, unless we just went ahead with the coffee and tea.

At the restaurant, we were entertained with cultural shows. I was happy to meet some Ibans and Bidayuh working at the restaurant. The cultural show is performed every night with different types of dances. So, we did not watch the same performance over and over again.

After the show, visitors were given a chance to take photos with the dancers. To my surprised, many visitors loved to take photos with them including my parents. Haha!

Alright readers. I hope I have given you some useful tips on eating in Royal Mulu Resort.

Have a nice day yeah?

Arriving at Royal Mulu Resort

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A visitor of my blog asked when was the best time to visit Mulu and the answer is “in the middle of the year, where there isn’t too much rain“. When we went to Mulu in November, we had to wear raincoats due to the rain and used our umbrellas. This spoil the mood a bit but overall the trip was fun and interesting.

When going to Mulu, it is better to arrange the trip in advance with a travel agent. It is for two reasons; the transportation is difficult to get and buying the tour from the resort could be more expensive (I have seen the price). Since we booked the trip from Orient Travel, everything was done for us without a hassle. We felt more secured and confident.

Upon our arrival to Mulu, our tour guide waited for us and brought us to Royal Mulu Resort by van safely. Oh remember! the resort is in an isolated place, please remember to bring along a lot of small change (RM). When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by two traditionally dressed staff.

The check-in process was simple. We just filled in the form and we were done. On top of that, we were given free cups of orange juice served in bamboos and wet facial towels to refresh our faces.

And this was our hotel. Although it is equipped with air-cond, we did not use it because the hotel was already quite cold.

So, I hope, you have learned a few tips from this post.

Have a nice day yeah?