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Is the Insurance going to pay for your car repair?

When I was involved in an accident, I sent my car to Perodua Workshop for repair and the cost of repair was paid by an insurance company. I was really satisfied with the repair and I think Perodua had done a good job. My advice to you, is not to go to Insurance Panel Workshops but rather to Perodua directly as quality spare parts and services are guaranteed. To get their assistance, you can call 1800-88-5555.

However, I had a shock of my life when the Insurance company asked me to pay Perodua a sum of RM608.48, which is 15% of the total cost. The term for this payment is “BETTERMENT“. I called up the insurance company for clarification and these are the reasons:

a) All cars which are 5 years old and above will bear 15% of the total cost. The percentage increase up to 40% as the cars get older. A one year old car up to 4 years old car will not be charged betterment.

b) Betterment is a policy that all insurance companies have adopted a few years ago. Usually customers are charged betterment when they buy original spare parts from authorized car dealers such as Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Hyundai and many others.

c) However, not many customers are aware of betterment because most of them send their cars to panel workshops (outside workshops) and usually the outside workshops will cover up or absorb the betterment for customers by giving customers used or re-cons spare parts while charging the insurance company at the price of original spare parts. Also, the panel workshops will try other means to reduce cost such as polishing the lamps instead of replacing it, or remodeling (repairing) the door instead of giving a new door etc. Of course customers are happy for not paying the betterment but probably do not realise that they have been given used spare parts or poor paint work quality.

Of course, I was not satisfied with this because as a policy holder, I did not know about this since I had never received any policy book from the company. What would you do?

Gundam Grades!

How would you spend money on your hobby? My suggestion is, always go for quality products. Most of us know that China is one of the best countries for imitation products. They even imitate Gundam toys. I think they call it Hong Li. Oh before I blog about Gundam, if you guys have known me long enough enough, I’m a fan of Gundam and transformers. If you just venture into this kind of hobby, allow me to introduce Gundam Toys.

First, always look for BANDAI made toys like this:

[Buy Original….Buy BANDAI!]

Now, there are five grades of BANDAI’s Gundam. The first Grade is called the First Grade. It’s the basic Gundam assembly with simple joints and little parts to assemble. I suggest that Gundam lovers not to buy this. You’ll be disappointed because you will want more things to assemble.

The second grade is called the High Grade. The High grade comes with the size of 1/144. It’s small but it challenges your skills to assemble them. Furthermore it’s cute and compact. That’s why I like the High Grade Gundam.The price range is between RM60.00 to RM99.00.

[The latest addition to my collection. These are high grade Gundams. The joints can move freely]

The Third Grade is also a high grade gundam but in biggers size, which is 1/100. This Gundam is taller and bigger, also, it has more stickers. The price range is between RM100 to RM180.

[Can you see the differences between the 1/100 Gundam and the 1/144 Gundam?]

The fourth grade will be Master Grade Gundam. It has pilots, bone structure, larger than 1/100 and some of the fingers can move. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a lot of weapons. The price range is between RM200 – RM300. Usually take a few days to make, unless you spend 24 hours to do it.

The fifth grade is called the Perfect Grade. It is large and probably 1 foot tall. all the fingers can move, fully equipped with weapons, more stickers, can be created as a bone or fully armoured robot. The price range is between RM500 to RM2000.

[Sample of Perfect Grade Gundam. Taken during Kyanime 2011 at Hill Shopping Mall]

These are simple knowledge for new Gundam collectors. If you want to know more about Gundam, feel free to visit our own Sarawak Bloggers’ blog at