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Jesus said…

When the Jesus said “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself” Mathew 6:34 he didn’t mean we should not plan ahead but rather to trust the day (tomorrow) into His (Jesus) care. As humans, planning is important as we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Just like a famous saying that goes like this “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail“.

When I asked my parents whether they have bought any insurance before, they said “NO“. But it was because the situation back then was different. Insurance was not widely known and used. My parents had a hard time to send my brother and I to universities a few years back. He sold his land and borrowed some money for us. What touched my heart was, my father was once (in fact many times) skipped his meals to save money for us. Even until today, I always feel that I am in a big debt to my parents.

My parents had a bad experience sending us to universities. Thus, I am determined that I should plan my financial standing starting from today. That’s one of the reason I quit being a lecturer in a private institution and went for a teaching profession at school; due to its pension scheme, where government servants get their salary until they pass away. Let’s look at these scenario:

[Saving for my son]

Age = 24 – 58 ; pay for our cars, credit card, personal loans and housing loans (can we actually save?)

Age = 58 – 80 ; pay for our medical bills, helping our grown up kids to start their life (can we actually save?)

Age = 81 ; funeral cost (Will our kids be able to bear the cost?)

Now, if we are living on EPF, will the money be able to cover our medical bills and living expenses at old age?

Here’s what we need to do if we are living on EPF;

a. Buy a life insurance and not the savings type of insurance because the return is not as much as ASB and the coverage is little. We probably need a lot of money if we happen to be in the category of “Total Permanent Disability”.

b. Buy an education loan for our kids. Even if they cannot go to public universities, we can still send them to private colleges.

c. If you are a Bumiputra, take an ASB loan. ASB still provide the highest dividend to shareholders.

d. Make sure we buy a house and finish paying it before our retirement age.

Otherwise, work with the government. At least, it will help us to secure our future better.

Ahaks! I think my topic is boring and many might have skipped reading my long writing. But then, this is just my ONE CENT opinion. I’m sure those who work with SHELL, PETRONAS ot work in DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA, US wouldn’t agree with me. Hahahah!


What is a religion? Some says, it is just a set of dos and donts and some says, it is a set of principles of a good life and some says it is a belief on the existence of God. Many of us are trying to understand or debating what a religion is but a few have put our beliefs into practice.

[In our church]

On Sundays, I have seen less and less kids are brought to church (since I am a Christian) for prayer by their parents. When I asked my Christian students questions related to Christianity, a lot of them did not know who Jesus really is and almost none of them knew the content of the bible.

Well, putting aside any specific religions in this blog, I personally think that good students are born through proper religious education at home. If you are in teaching profession, you realised that the disciplinary problems in school is increasing and teachers’ life is at stake when punishing the students.  Instead of focusing their energy at imparting knowledge to students, they spend most of their time correcting and shaping students’ behaviour. This job is going to be tiring and draining and soon? teaching will be an infamous profession.

As a parent myself, I always pray that my son will perform well academically and spiritually. I know it is hard to see the future, but I believe there is no harm in trying to educate my son starting from home.  We can always just hope and pray but never let our surrounding to decide the fate of our children.

To all parents and future parents out there, please join me in imparting religious values to our kids.

Have a nice day.

Asking for Donation

Have you been approached by someone asking for RM10 donation while you were eating? Yes I have and I always refuse to give, not because I do not want to help, but simply because I doubt the sincerity of the person asking for donations. The increasing number of conmen and conwomen on the streets is making people more insecure and cautious towards fake donation activities or syndicates. Despite the documents brought along by these donation seekers, the public are still not convinced about their existence, including me.

That’s because going into public and approaching individuals openly, seeking donations, is not the proper way to raise fund. It is not only unpleasant but it tarnishes the image of the organisations involved (if they exist).

There are many harmless ways of asking for funds. The most important thing is that, we do not hurt anybody, such as,

a. organising fund raising dinner.

b. organising charity shows or run.

c. asking for donations from people whom we know. Don’t ask from strangers.


d. asking for sponsorships for a particular event.

Now, I seriously think that going around the dining table in public is not a good way to ask for donations. I rest my case.