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Wind Cave : Mulu

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Our next trip was to Wind Cave, Mulu. We went there by boat. It is called as “Wind Cave” because there is a tunnel in the cave that’s really windy. The cave is wet and the cave wall is milky … Continue reading

Penan Settlement : Long Iman

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On our second day at Mulu, our tour guide brought us to a Penan Settlement. To go there, we had to ride a long boat. Thank goodness the engine was so powerful that we arrived there in only 20 minutes. … Continue reading

Eating at Royal Mulu Resort

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Hi there, I know many of you are interested about the place called “Mulu”. Please be patient, I will tell everything in detail, until you guys get bored. Hahaha! Kindly forgive me for my silliness. The food in Mulu is … Continue reading