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Arriving at Royal Mulu Resort

A visitor of my blog asked when was the best time to visit Mulu and the answer is “in the middle of the year, where there isn’t too much rain“. When we went to Mulu in November, we had to wear raincoats due to the rain and used our umbrellas. This spoil the mood a bit but overall the trip was fun and interesting.

When going to Mulu, it is better to arrange the trip in advance with a travel agent. It is for two reasons; the transportation is difficult to get and buying the tour from the resort could be more expensive (I have seen the price). Since we booked the trip from Orient Travel, everything was done for us without a hassle. We felt more secured and confident.

Upon our arrival to Mulu, our tour guide waited for us and brought us to Royal Mulu Resort by van safely. Oh remember! the resort is in an isolated place, please remember to bring along a lot of small change (RM). When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by two traditionally dressed staff.

The check-in process was simple. We just filled in the form and we were done. On top of that, we were given free cups of orange juice served in bamboos and wet facial towels to refresh our faces.

And this was our hotel. Although it is equipped with air-cond, we did not use it because the hotel was already quite cold.

So, I hope, you have learned a few tips from this post.

Have a nice day yeah?

Mas Wings

Boy, I just came back from our Mulu escape. It was so interesting and adventurous. I guess I will share in details with you guys in case some of you might be interested to go there one day.And the photos I will show to you might be in the form of photobook. So enjoy reading yeah…?

There are three ways to go there, but the fastest is by air either from Kuching (Direct Flight) or from Miri. I would advise you guys to go there by flight. Save your energy for the walks in Mulu, you’ll need all the strengths to enjoy the activities there.

Actually it was my parents who wanted to go to Mulu and not me. But since they are “warga emas” (old in age) I decided to accompany them, in case they need help. Kids below 7 years old are not encouraged to go there because the trip requires physical strength.

Going there by air from Kuching took 1 hour and 35 minutes but if you are flying there from Miri, it will take around 30 minutes. The airport is small but new. Do not expect many food stalls, souvenir shops, ATM machine, money changer, big LCD Tvs and Mcdonald or KFC. However, don’t worry, if you are hungry, there is still a small cafe for visitors to eat at a very interesting price (you know what I mean right?). The check-in process was simple and fast. So you will not be annoyed by the long que of people.

So friends, that’s all for today. Will update you soon once time permits. Have a nice day yeah?