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Penan Settlement : Long Iman

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On our second day at Mulu, our tour guide brought us to a Penan Settlement. To go there, we had to ride a long boat. Thank goodness the engine was so powerful that we arrived there in only 20 minutes. … Continue reading

Eating at Royal Mulu Resort

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Hi there, I know many of you are interested about the place called “Mulu”. Please be patient, I will tell everything in detail, until you guys get bored. Hahaha! Kindly forgive me for my silliness. The food in Mulu is … Continue reading

Arriving at Royal Mulu Resort

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A visitor of my blog asked when was the best time to visit Mulu and the answer is “in the middle of the year, where there isn’t too much rain“. When we went to Mulu in November, we had to … Continue reading